Bob’s Transformation – Week 1

Bob's Transformation

My name is Bob Manser and I have decided to take part in a body transformation programme designed by Sean Lerwill to shed some unwelcome fat.

I have always carried a bit of weight although I exercise regularly. Of course I enjoy some ‘naughty’ meals and the occasional night out with plenty of beer followed by a dirty kebab. My weight would fluctuate as a result. So the nutritional advice in the book has taught me a lot so far and has built a platform to build my meals on making sure I get in the nutrients I need. The example days do help but an imagination will help plan your meals based on the examples. There is a lot of food involved so prepping a few days in advance will help if you have other commitments. Like everyone else I have a job and a few other hobbies so saving hours of prep every night is great. I shop at Lidl’s I find that it is cheaper than the other supermarkets for meat and veg etc. For meal plans or just ideas look on Pinterest; there’s links to different websites etc. That saves a bit of time. Just expect to be drooling whilst looking at some of the pictures and don’t get tempted into baking muffins with toppings you’ve only dreamed of. I’m not guilty of that… yet!

(Note: Sean’s comments are written in blue.)

Week 1 – Day 1


My first day of upping my calories by 1000! Started with boiled eggs and a slice of wholemeal bread. Pre boiled eggs in order to save time at 0630. This was a change to my quick Weetabix and coffee; it was more time-consuming eating it as it seemed like a bigger meal. Following the timings in the book I woke up early. This will help when the morning LISS training is introduced in later weeks so the early morning won’t be too much of a shock to the system.

  • Snack time at 0930 consisted of chicken breast sliced and hummus.
  • Lunch at 1230 was a big one… I was hungry by this point which was surprising. Rice, turkey mince, broccoli and sweetcorn.
  • Afternoon Snack at 1530 Apple and cottage cheese. Not a bad combination. The apple hid the vomit texture of the cheese.

Pre workout as it says in the book was Whey Protein and Creatine. It felt strange filling up so close to the workout. But I plan to follow the plan to a T.

The idea behind this is that we want to protect muscle tissue. Muscle is metabolic tissue: i.e. it burns Calories as it needs energy to function. By taking whey pre workout we hope to stop muscular breakdown during the session.

Now for the workout itself – one word. Brutal! Sweating after 2 sets on the first exercise. Finished all sets. But not all reps. Failure towards the last set. The tempo was okay at first but as the workout progressed sticking to the timings was proving difficult. Squats had unintentional rest pauses when extended. Although the fact that I couldn’t finish the maximum reps was I think maybe due to the weight being a bit to heavy. Although it does say in the book that the last few reps should be tough.

It’s fine to fail or struggle over the last few reps, but if you are shy by 2 or 3, it may be worth knocking a little weight off to allow progression in later weeks.

I’m looking forward to seeing results and following Sean’s advice to get the results I want. I have faith that following this programme: I will succeed.

Day 2 – Rest Day


Second day started with my muscles feeling like the workout was worth the sweat and slight sick feeling. I was very hungry too.

Both good signs. Feeling sick after the workout shows you took the intensity to the required level, something many people fail to do in the gym. I did legs today. I felt sick and a little dizzy at the end. I didn’t lift a weight, all bodyweight and TRX, but it’s intense and that’s what counts. Same for you, intensity is key. In terms of being hungry, that’s what we want. Build some muscle and burns some body fat, but to do so we need to feed you and try to raise your metabolism up a bit.

Breakfast of 2 boiled eggs crisp bread and instant oats made with 250ml semi skimmed milk. Skimmed is too water like for me.

Try to make the oats with water and add whey to flavour. I’d actually rather people drink full fat milk than skimmed or semi-skimmed; at least they get the goodness. However, for you, we want the Calories for later, so water and whey better.

Snack time came and my appetite wasn’t as big. Force fed myself chicken and hummus and a tomato. Mmmm. Energy levels are high so the added Calories are working for sure. Although I feel slightly bloated from them. I’m sure this will pass.

I really don’t fancy my afternoon Snack. I’m not hungry. Turkey fajita wrap as well, packed with veg. 

If you really aren’t hungry, don’t force it, that isn’t pleasant. Perhaps try a drink or shake. If you need to hit Calories, a full fat milk latte might be a better option.

Day 3


Working out tonight. I’m hoping some more free weights are available this time. I mainly used the smith machine Monday, which I think is okay. Sean would say so, I think. It did save having a spot, though. I’m still sore from Monday.

I prefer free weights to Smith personally; however, when nothing else is available and if no spot is available but needed, it does plug a hole.

Having so much food is still strange. I don’t know how I’m becoming so hungry between meals.

Your metabolism is changing, which is exactly what we want. This is a good sign.

Lunch was a chicken breast cut into cubes, avocado and fage natural yogurt mixed together with a toasted pitta on the side. Should have tried it before putting it on my meal plan. I’m having trouble on workout days sticking to my allocated calories. I’m eating 1100 calories for protein because of the protein shakes and the food. But sticking within my overall allowance.

Don’t get too wrapped up in macros. Just try to have protein around palm size to palm size and a half with each meal.

Good second workout. Progressed on all exercises and actually surpassed the recommended 2-2.5kg increase in weight.

Well done. Let’s hope this is a sign of things to come.

Day 4


I have come down with a cold. My chest is burning.

Day 5


I feel worse. No workout on Sean’s advice. I have found it difficult to eat today; my appetite is suppressed.

If you are ill, stop. It will just be detrimental. Well done for being honest.

Day 6


Much the same. But appetite is coming back.

Day 7

Had a walk to get some fresh air. Appetite is better. But still feel rough. Looking forward to going to the gym tomorrow if I feel better. Looked at some recipe ideas.

Always worth taking more time off. Returning too soon can put you back for longer. Take it easy if you train tomorrow.

Bob Manser - Author

I am currently doing a 12 week transformation with the help of Sean Lerwill. I’m 27, overweight and overworked. Trying to change the fact that my hair is thinning more than my waist line.