Bob’s Transformation – Week 2

Bob's Transformation

Week 2 – Day 1


Feeling a lot better today. So working out tonight. Appetite is low but eating anyway. Really didn’t fancy my eggs this morning!

What we need to do is get you into some “habits”. Humans are habitual creatures. When we go into the toilet at work, if there’s a choice of cubicles we tend to choose the same one each time. It’s just the way we are. At the moment, your habits are to eat sparingly and not in an ordered way. We are aiming to change that, so stick with it if you can.

Measurements are good, I have lost inches and lost weight. So feeling even more motivated as a result. No pictures though. I was bloated as result of the irregular eating pattern from the weekend so maybe I’ll take them tonight or tomorrow morning. Looking forward to another week.

Get the pictures done. It will pay dividends by week 5-8 to see the difference. Weight loss doesn’t mean much as we will hopefully add muscle which weighs more than fat. Keep it up though, positive signs, especially losing inches.

The session went really well. I can feel I am getting stronger. The session was well needed and I thoroughly enjoyed it after the weekend I had. Again I surpassed the 2-2.5kg increase in somethings. I did more sets than required as I found the weight needed increasing. I have found my stride now and I may be exaggerating but I can see subtle changes in my appearance already. I am curious to how I can improve so quick from session to session. Maybe due to the fact I have done weight training before and my body may be remembering. I’m not sure but I won’t increase unless the weights are difficult to finish the set on within the rep range.

You’re right, it’s easier for someone who lifted before to see early results than a complete beginner. This is because there is muscle memory. You will notice strength gains quicker than physical appearance changes. If these inspire you, then all the better.

Be careful about jumping ahead too quickly. Sure, find your weights and stride, but don’t throw too much on too quick. We don’t want to get injured!

Bench press was tough. I was in the rep range but I couldn’t finish all the reps. That may not increase much. But I’ll find out on Wednesday. Having the plan printed out day by day allows me to monitor the weight I’m lifting and compare it to the session before. Also taking notes on when the reps become a struggle and any other info that is relevant. Maybe energy levels or any discomfort, once in the zone it’s hard to think back after the workout.

Well done on the bench. It often sticks before legs, so just keep the weight constant and work hard. Keep the notes coming, it really does pay dividends for you to progress and to look back and see where you are tired and when.

Day 2


Eating is becoming boring now. I need to have some time in the lab to look at some new recipes that are cheap. On the other hand broccoli, kale and spinach is becoming more palatable day by day… especially with cayenne pepper sprinkled on top. Carbs and proteins that I struggle to fit in with food come in the form of my handy protein shakes. My protein banana flavoured insta oats are great. For protein I use impact whey double chocolate flavour. Ideal for travelling or if I’m out.

Food is fuel. Simple as that. It is what it is. Do spend some time looking at recipes and finding things you like, but at the end of the day, chicken or fish with sweet potato tastes good. The sweet potato makes anything palatable. Glad you are finding the veg more enjoyable. Again, we are trying to create habits and changing your tastes will be one of them. Keep up the good work. It’s good you’ve found some supps that work when you are out and about, but try to choose whole foods first where you can, except post workout of course.

I have looked at eating just Rice, chicken and veg. Even worked out how much I would have to eat per meal to get the macros I want and the results I’m craving. But this plan is about a lifestyle change that is sustainable forevermore and not just about looking the best I can at the end of it. I could save that diet until my next beach holiday!

Totally agree, don’t do that. You’ve said above eating is boring, and that will be even more boring. Use this process to find things that are sustainable to you long-term.

Day 3 


Wednesday. After some advice from Sean I feel confident that I’m doing something right, but I have taken on board what he has advised and will implement what I can asap.  

Itching to get to the gym tonight. I feel fuelled and ready to go. 

Keep the positive mindset Bob, it’s all too easy to get negative and look too far in the future. Great to take each day as it comes and focus on staying positive.

Although it’s easy to slip into a negative mindset of ‘still a long way to go’, ‘you’d never look that good’ etc. I found it easy to slip out of it when I thought about the last workout. Or the food I have been eating. I thought I’d share that for anyone who may have the same thing. It seemed daunting on week 1, day 1. I’m doing this to be a better me; I assume someone reading this is either doing the same thing as I am or considering it.

Good man. Exactly what I meant by the above comment.

The workout went really well. I have reached the limit of my improvement now and I couldn’t progress much further than the 2-2.5 increase and going by Sean’s advice. I didn’t want to fail to finish the sets to allow for progression in later weeks. Although it was difficult I completed all reps and all sets and left a sweaty mess looking forward to a nice shower! The fact I missed my afternoon snack before leaving work might have had something to do with the lack of improvement. But every day as it comes. 

I wouldn’t put the lack of progression down to a missed afternoon snack, unless it affected you mentally. Missing a bit of food shouldn’t make that much of a difference to your actual performance; it just might mean your body breaks down muscle for fuel which is not what we want. I would actually say that you have just increased weights as much as you can and reached a ceiling point. That’s great. Keep trying and you’ll get over that plateau.

Overhead press is progressing slower. I can’t seem to up that much. But I am sure eventually I will be able to.

Again, just a plateau, which is natural and expected. Keep it up and eventually you’ll push through it. Don’t be too keen to progress too quick. Let the training do its magic. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

I have also managed to get a PT from my gym to ensure I am keeping form on my next session as the weights are getting heavier.

Ok. Are you paying the PT? Most PTs wouldn’t want to take money if you are following someone else’s training programme. Essentially you are just paying them to spot you. Be careful and if you want a PT, then perhaps stopping this process and working with them would yield better results?

I took the pictures for week 2 finally and I am pleased with the results. A bit of difference already. Cheers Sean for prompting me to do so.

Good man. Always best to take pics otherwise it’s hard to see changes as you see yourself everyday.

Day 4


The rest days are great. A good time to stretch out the sore muscles. Especially the legs! Next week there’s only Wednesday and Sunday to rest so I’m enjoying the ones I have.

Good man. There can be a tendency to be over keen and get back in the gym. Recovery on rest days is so important. It’s well worth taking them and making the most of them.

I geeked out a bit and looked at Ray Wilson’s blog. I’m so happy to see he makes a spreadsheet of what he plans to eat as well. My missus and I are obsessed. But I’m an all or nothing kind of guy. With everything. It helps me plan and prepare plus add macros with the help of MyFitnessPal. Although it’s not laid out in a way I like. But macros are new to me and it helps for sure.

It’s working out what works best for you. I have never done it that way, but it works for Ray. I’m glad you found support from Ray’s blog. Hopefully people will do the same/find the same with yours. 

MyFitnessPal is superb. Well done for using it.

Day 5


Friday’s workout was a bit strange. The sets consisted of only 4-6reps. So I upped the weight. It felt less intense at first as I was used to a higher rep range. But after the first set of squats this was no longer the case. It helped me push higher weights though.

Brilliant. The idea of this is that it will help you get over the plateau you mentioned earlier in this blog, by forcing the body to adapt to higher weight over less reps. I always find less reps seems less intense, but as the weight catches up with you, it’s often n0t the case!

But fatigue set in on my upper body quick. Again my bench press didn’t increase much. But finally my overhead press weight increased. I realised that maybe it was fatigue causing this to be difficult in the last sessions. I was absolutely buzzing about my deadlift. I lifted nearly my body weight, although I will not be able to do that for 10-12 reps.

And nor should you attempt to. Working at the different rep ranges and different weights makes sure your body adapts, which it seems to be doing. Again, let it do it over weeks not days. There’s no rush. Stay safe and stay sensible with weights. We don’t want you getting injured. Having said that, keep up the hard work; intensity = adaptation and change.

Day 6


Started with a nice early morning walk. My legs didn’t feel as bad as they have done over the last 2 weeks. But were definitely stiff. Foam roller time.

Well done Bob. Always good to get fresh air, good for recovery and the soul. Foam roller is always a great addition too.

Day 7


Food prep as always.

Prior planning prevent piss poor performance. Preparation is key!

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