Change Coaching

Sean Lerwill

We all come up against obstacles in life, be they work, family, personal relationship, financial. The list goes on. Often these feel out of our control or conversely can even seem self-inflicted. Working through these times is a matter of life, it has to happen. Too often we try to ignore the inevitable. We must face up to them eventually.

Often it’s better to have someone to help guide the way. Utilising a number of methods learned and enhanced over his long and varied military and civilian career, Sean has had some profound results with people. From those with depression, to those with underlying medical issues, to those with eating disorders or unhealthy relationships, Sean has found his skills as a mentor and leader learned during his time as Royal Marines Officer and honed during his PGCE training at the University of Plymouth, he has been able to help many people find a way through.

Often described as a life coach by clients, Sean isn’t keen on this term. A “Change Coach” is perhaps more suitable and Sean is happy to work with anyone wanting to make headway in any aspect of their life. All too often we get caught in the grey zone. It’s not as hard as we may think to get through it.

Okay, let’s do it!




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