Nutrition Coaching

Sean Lerwill in the gym

As a qualified Precision Nutrition Coach with a BSc in Molecular Genetics from King’s College London, Sean has had great success utilising his science background combined with a Commando mindset training, military discipline and sound nutritional advice to not only help people with fatloss, but also sports performance, confidence, muscle gain and physique transformation.

Sean thoroughly enjoys educating an individual on why they are changing something rather than just prescribing, whilst also ensuring any changes are truly implementable by the individual into their lifestyle to thus ensure the changes can be lifelong. Not just a quick fix as is all too often the case in the fitness industry today.

Sean’s one-to-one nutritional work is always kept confidential between you and him. He never shares any information, photographs or discusses anything shared with anyone else. Whether you are wanting to lose fat, gain muscle, beat an eating disorder or simply eat more healthily, Sean has helped someone else like you before.

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