Personal Training

Earning his personal training qualification and PGCE while serving on the Royal Marines Physical Training Staff at the Commando Training Centre Royal Marines, Sean has a physical training pedigree that cannot be bought.

“Health and fitness should be about education. If someone understands why they are doing something, they are more likely to do it long term”

seanlerwill celebrity trainerAfter leaving the military, Sean worked as the Fitness Manager and then as a personal trainer for exclusive London Health Club the Third Space, before running a successful Personal Training and Fitness writing business in London.

Sean now limits his Personal Training to only a few select clients at a time. Sean’s business is not to keep a client for months or even years at a time. The philosophy is to train and educate each client so that they can make sustainable changes and then go on to continue their health and fitness journey alone.

By working this way, Sean finds he can help change far more people long term. Much like a Royal Marines recruit going through Commando training, Sean aims to take an individual, develop and educate them to increase their confidence and strength of mind so that they want to move on and work alone. Leaving Sean to move onto the next person.

“A completely different style of personal training business. A focus on educating the client so they can leave, rather than trying to hold onto them forever”

Sean has a private location in Mayfair, London for training clients and specialises in:

  • fatloss
  • muscle gain
  • confidence boosting
  • military preparation
  • sports preparation/performance
  • Krav Maga/self defence

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