Corporate Health and Nutrition

Corporate Health and Nutrition

Sean has found niche within the industry as a voice of knowledge on health, fitness and nutrition. With a solid science background from a BSc in Molecular Genetics from King’s College London, coupled with his time as a Royal Marines Officer and Royal Marines Physical Training Instructor, and his Precision Nutrition Qualification, Sean really does have a unique voice on the subject.

As such Sean has been asked to speak to corporate teams on how the individuals can improve their health and fitness both through exercise and by paying attention to what they eat and drink. By speaking to a large number of people via these corporate groups, Sean has thus improved the lifestyle and in turn their confidence, productivity and relationships of work forces for teams within a number of prevalent companies, including Boots and GlaxoSmithKline.

What do they say?


Andrew Ibbotson, Senior Brand Manager at GSK

“I have worked with Sean over the last 3 years on various different projects and public speaking appearances. He is a flexible, articulate and hugely entertaining speaker who has the ability to grab an audience’s attention, through personal anecdotes and extensive knowledge of the sports nutrition industry.”

Why work with Sean?


Sean has been providing training and coaching to groups and individuals for over 10 years. From Royal Marines recruits, to University football squads to corporate teams, Sean utilises his unique skillset to impart knowledge that can transform an individual, group or workforce.

As a qualified teacher with a PGCE, combined with a level 6 Graduateship award in Leadership and management and a whole host of specific qualifications and experience in health, fitness and nutrition, military leadership, problem solving, team building and communication, Sean is ready and willing to help any individual or team reach their full potential.

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