Desh at Sadlers Wells

Sadlers Wells, Desh by Akran KhanGot taken to the Theatre by Miss. B this evening to see the full dress rehearsal of “Desh” by Akram Khan before it goes live to the public tomorrow.

Kate had been involved with the project some months ago, providing a workshop for Akram to enhance his acting skills to make the show about more than just his dancing. Off the back of her involvement, we got invited to this showing at the Sadlers Wells near Angel.

I’ll be the first to admit I wouldn’t have chosen to go see this. The first scene was very “twirly” and as a non dancer, I really thought I was going to struggle. However, Akram’s portrayal of “the chef” was brilliant and really different, and from then on I was intrigued. One piece involving trees, water, bees, animals, in fact loads of things, was truly captivating.

I would highly recommend this to anyone; dancers, actors, theatre fans and even, like me, people who wouldn’t usually go to anything like this. I really hope Akram does well with Desh.

For more info on Desh, follow this link.

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