Muscle Maven – 01 March 2016

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

It will be another 4 years before I can write again on this day (OK – a little lie as I am writing this a day before).

Last week I went to my School reunion. Over 21 years since I left High School and many people I had not seen since that time. Others I had not seen for nearly 20 years. What a fantastic evening and it flew by, way too fast. Not enough time to properly catch up with every (and 1 too many beers with work the next day meant I could not stay too late).

This has meant I have spent the last week reminiscing, looking through some old pics and remembering some good times that were had. I do feel some regret that I lost contact with many and wish that I had made more of an effort to have stayed in touch. However – if I had done this what is to say I would be here at this point in time writing this post? Would I still have my son? Work in my current job?

It is very easy to look back on your life and regret certain decisions that you made (I know I do) but at the same time everything in your life has led to the exact point of where you are right now. Go back and change one of those decisions and you change where (and possible who) you are. For many I am sure that they would see this as a good thing – I cannot argue that there will be events that will have occurred in people’s lives that they wish simply had not happened (I have those as well) but again these do still lead to where/who you are.

By my nature I am a positive person – even with the stuff I wish had not happened I understand the importance of where it has led me.  So even with the bad events I am at peace with them. If you have events in your life that you struggle to deal with then you must seek help. Burying them and trying to pretend they did not happen will not help. I am no counsellor but I understand that this will eat you up inside. It is important that you recognise this before it gets too bad.

Help is only ever a call away.

I had originally finished this post at that point (I am always wary of making it too long – I know what a drag it can feel when you scroll down on your smartphone to see a post drags on). However I felt I would like to finish on a different note (not that I want to devalue the statement of calling for help).

Since my reunion I have managed to rekindle at least 1 very good friendship – almost like the 20 years since we had not seen each other simply had not happened (for me this is a great test of friendship). It has also led to me agreeing to be a co-driver when he races later in March (sort of rally car)! Great friendships will always be exactly that – distance nor time will affect them.


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