Muscle Maven – 01 November 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

I was chastised last week for my old school formatting when typing these posts. I am fairly new to this blog typing malarkey and so applying the same practices I learnt in school (over 20 years ago) doesn’t cut it on the Internet today. Doesn’t mean I am too old to learn and adapt though – am fairly certain there is a lesson in there!

Usually I have an idea of exactly what I am going to write about and it remains throughout the week. I type it up at the weekend with the appropriate deals and away we go. However it changed this week. I went for a run with my partner and my niece during the week. She is 14 and has recently started running amongst her normal teenage pursuits (one of which is football). During her run she proceeded to let me know that there was someone present at her football training pushing Herbalife products. To the children.

Obviously this made me cross, very cross (not that I let on). She was not completely sure what they were promoting as she did not approach them – she was sure it was some sort of ‘energy drink’ – the ‘Cristiano Ronaldo one’. Now I cannot be certain they were promoting anything other than the Cristiano Ronaldo (sellout) CR7 drive. I had a look at the Herbalife site and to be honest some of the Herbalife 24 products and CR7 Drive may be pretty good (tough to tell without seeing an exact ingredients listing) and it seems that Herbalife are trying to make a move into the gym type supplements market. I guess it was only a matter of time – it seems to be big business. Particularly when you already have a massive userbase – many of whom sell your products in gym environments. Perhaps it rests easier for those who have sold their soul to be pushing a product that probably sits better with people’s goals (assuming decent ingredients) – I guarantee those buying are paying through the nose however (side note – if buying CR7 drive, just Google ‘make your own isotonic drink’ to see how much you can save).

However… Herbalife is a company synonymous with weight loss. Typically drastic weight loss. This is what troubled me. I am happy for children to take supplements. My son takes omega3, d3, probiotics and usually some powdered protein every day. He is fully aware why he has those supplements and that they are in no way related to weight loss. Any of those children (and there are other teams that train there) that Google ‘Herbalife’ will be bombarded with information about weight loss and weight control. More worryingly they will see that the way to do it is through removing food and using shakes. This is bad – very bad. Children need to be taught the importance of food. Of eating well. Shopping, cooking and eating fresh produce. If children are simply given a quick fix for weight loss rather than being educated on nutrition they will have a lifetime of misery and likely to have a skewed relationship with food. Today’s quick fix society does not give children the right idea – some things have to be done the long way around. I for one will be requesting that Herbalife are absent from any child training session. If the seller(s) had any form of conscience they would not try to push these products on young impressionable children just because CR is willing to sell his soul for a few extra million.

This is a cheeky message for Ray.  I doublespaced.  Every.  Damn.  Time!

The Meat Man

For any of you following either myself or Sean on Twitter you may have noticed The Meat Man seems to be doing some great deals each Friday (last Friday was steak). Make sure you get on their mailing list so that you can see these deals as they come up.

MuscleFood’s clearance deals

MuscleFood seem to have launched a clearance section that has some great bargains. It changes regularly so worth keeping an eye to pick up some bargains.


I first became aware of MoveGB when they started in Exeter. It allows you to use multiple gyms in your home town but you only pay one price. you choose the type of membership you want based on what you are willing to pay. Is a great opportunity to use many different facilities without having to pay multiple memberships. Your membership is easy to manage and cancel if you want to so you don’t have to feel as though you are trapped.

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