Muscle Maven – 03 June 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

A slightly different tips article today.

Matched Betting

I wanted to give everyone following the opportunity to actually MAKE some money rather than just the usual savings that can be had (don’t worry – I will still be including some normal tips as well). A while ago I was made aware of something called ‘Matched Betting’ – it is a method of converting the signup offers from bookies into cash. IT IS NOT GAMBLING – provided you follow the instructions and don’t make mistakes (read the instructions, read them again and then practice with small sign up offers). Matched betting is very clever and it essentially boils down to simple maths. I have shown a few how to do it (like my brother who payed for his family holiday to Florida last year with the proceeds). I know typically we are told that if something is too good to be true it probably is, and I agree. In this instance, provided you are careful you can very quickly make £800+, after this it does become a little more difficult but you will be well practiced and so the time spent will be reduced. I will not re-write the guide on this but will simply link to The Money Saving Expert forum where everything is outlined. FOLLOW THE GUIDE – this is important!

The Guide. This takes you to the matched betting forum on the site – note point 1! All of the guides are Stickies – READ THEM (as you can see I am keen to push this point!) Do not come to me if you do not follow the instructions properly!

Coconut Water

Like many of you I love coconut water, like many I do not love the price! It seems to be on offer everywhere at the moment. Tesco and Sainsburys have Vita Coco for £2 per litre and Waitrose have a third off Innocent coconut water. It does keep for a while so is worth stocking up.

Transdermal Technology recovery spray

I have been using Transdermal Technology recovery spray for some time now and have to say it is good stuff.  Although this is not strictly speaking a bargain (as there is no reduction) you will thank me for reduced DOMS and better overall recovery!

That’s it! I am off to do some physio work (stupid hips), actual work (stupid job) and some studying (not so stupid course) – perhaps fit in some family time as well!

Damian Murray - Author