Muscle Maven – 04 April 2016

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

I am writing this having just returned from a weeks skiing. If there are any spelling/grammar mistakes please excuse me as I am still tired and am celebrating the end of my holiday with a couple of glasses of red!

This is probably the best time away skiing we have enjoyed (as a family) and that is in no small part to the instructor led group we were in. We have made some good friends and we are hoping to meet up again next year (I have just booked flights – they were a good price, would you expect anything less).

More than anything I was reminded at how coincidental events can be. We were not going to bother with ski school this year (3rd time skiing at the same resort) but my partner wanted to as she thought it would be beneficial to find out what runs etc were open. Another family were in our group because the father was late with his ski boots. Another family transferred because they did not get on with their instructor (very rude). Our instructor was the same one we had 3 years ago.

The group dynamic was amazing. Parents and children all got on with each other so well. The instructor (a few years younger than all of the parents) had the knack of getting on with everyone in the group and also with getting away with behaviour (he was only 23) we would have all chastised him for in England if he were in charge of our children (well, actually he would probably have been reported)!

But it worked. We laughed. A lot! People from completely different walks of life all got on so well together. A perfect group dynamic.

Life really is for living. Go out and live it. You may bend over to tie your lace and meet the girl (or guy) of your dreams. Perhaps miss the bus and make a lifelong friend. Look for every single opportunity and grab it with both hands.

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You may have guessed I love my holidays. Having just returned from skiing we have already booked to go skiing again next year. The reason I am taking about this is that if you want to pick up some bargain flights for next February half term the time is now. Try not to be too fussy with the airport – you will be surprised with how quickly you can drive to most airports. A break doing something you love can do so much for your mental and physical health.

Damian Murray - Author