Muscle Maven – 09 November 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

We all change our minds from time to time. Our opinions are shaped and moulded by our environments and information we see, hear and read. Normally this is fine but it seems that in the World of health and fitness that this is not the done thing. One time, ages ago you said that you should not eat carbs after 18:00. You became a little more educated and now know this to not be necessary. Even though you admit you were incorrect people are not willing to accept that you have changed your opinion. You said that once and that is that!

From when I first went through a body transformation with Sean to where I am now my opinions have changed massively. I have spent time educating myself – improving myself and growing as a person. This has paid huge dividends (to myself) and perhaps if I ever I feel I want to go down the route of becoming a coach I think the experience I have will help me to be a better coach. Luckily I have never been pulled up by people for things I have said in the past – some things I would love to actually go back and correct. It was simply what I believed at the time.

We must all endeavour to grow and become better people. Part of that is accepting that those around us are trying to do the same thing.

Christmas is coming

Last Christmas Jason Manford had a great idea of donating advent calendars to food banks. His reasoning was that everyone regardless of colour, religious beliefs etc. can agree that any family using a food bank are pretty desperate. For that family the purchase of an advent calendar for their children is probably way down the list of priorities. By donating advent calendars to your local foodbank those children can join in with the excitement of many others in the countdown to Christmas. They are cheap to buy (last year I bought loads from Sainsburys at £1 each) and the foodbank will be very grateful for the donation – perhaps you could donate some other food as well (check with your foodbank to see what type of food they take / need).

Christmas is coming…2

OK – so you have done your bit for the foodbank…I was thinking about taking it up a notch and trying for something else as well. How about creating our own type of advent countdown to Christmas? 24 random acts of kindness? 1 per day from 1 December – 24 December? Can be anything – buying a gingerbread man for a little boy in Waitrose (this happened to my son in Waitrose in London), leaving something for a homeless person to eat, paying for a strangers coffee – literally anything at all.  The only limit is your imagination!

That’s it!

Because I would like everyone to really focus on my previous points I would like to keep any deals back until next week! Remember – all of the usual stuff is still out there!

Damian Murray - Author