Muscle Maven – 08 February 2016

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

Why are we so quick for our children to grow up? They get thrown into a digital whirlwind of Tablets, Phones, Games Console, TV, Laptops etc. from an early age. We allow the boundary to be pushed for what they can see and do. 9 years old – they will be OK with a 12 rated movie. 12 years old – they can watch a 15 can’t they? Fairly certain the age rating on a game is just a guide isn’t it? Surely at 10 they will be fine playing GTA (and I know friends of my son where this has been allowed).

I am not saying I have not made these same mistakes – I have. I allowed my son to play 15 rated games at age 10. It is something I regret however the peer pressure is also huge – do I make him the only one who is not allowed to play these games? It’s the same with movies – parents allowing their children to watch almost anything (I have allowed my son to watch 15 rated movies – again I regret it) – it is almost as if they cannot wait for them to grow up so that they can share adult jokes with them.

Music and advertising seem to be continually pushing sexual references down our throats. The people our children idolise stand on stage wearing little more than underwear singing about things that children do not really need to know about until they get a little older. I am not a prude and I think the human body is a beautiful thing – I just find it a little uncomfortable when I hear my 12 year old singing along about ‘making love’!

They are not children for very long – they will be an adult for a long time. Plenty of years to get on with the boring aspects of day to day life. Let them be children and enjoy every single second of it.

Switch stuff off. Be silly. Play.

Oh – and Santa Claus – he is real.

Coconut Water

We all know the benefits of coconut water – it’s just so damned expensive. However Vita Coco is currently only £2 in Sainsbury’s. Stock up – it doesn’t have to be stored in the fridge until opened.

This is Sean, also getting in on the Muscle Maven action – Vita Coco is also down to £2 at Morrisons.

Valentines Card

Have seen this deal on HotUKDeals for a personalised 99p Valentines card. Will get you some brownie points I am sure!

Discount Supplements

Can be great for deals on many branded supps. Currently they have a BOGOF promotion with an extra 15% off if you use the code ‘feb15’.

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