Muscle Maven – 09 May 2016

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

Going to keep this one brief. Been working a lot and have been working over the weekend (although enjoyed some very nice family time at the beach).

BodyPower is upon us. I am going for the Saturday and Sunday (I still have some stuff left from last year). For me it is an amazing weekend and I have such a great time with my son just soaking up the atmosphere, seeing all the different stands (we both love meeting the strongmen), having a go at some of the challenges (my son loved the fact he beat lots of adults at a rowing competition) and (for me this is best of all) attending some of the talks.

Following on from last week we live in an age where we have huge amounts of information available. What I like about BodyPower is it gives you a chance to listen to some of the Worlds best speakers who are specialists in their areas. Nutrition, training – you name it, it’s covered. Like going to a deli counter you get a little taster – an hour listening to someone speak. You can then quickly decide if you like their message and the way they put information together. From there you can narrow the people you listen to for advice. Simple!

There are many who like to moan about the amount of obvious PED users at the show promoting various powders and bars that will help you look the way they do. Try to look past this and use the show to your benefit. Quit moaning about the stuff you don’t like and spend more time enjoying the stuff you do. Oh – and hang around until the end to grab some serious bargains!

I don’t want to say too much. Get your tickets (although you will have to be quick) now! ¬†You may see me there – if so feel free to say hi!


Half price gymnastic rings? Yes please!


2.5KG free chicken breasts using the code ‘FreeMay’? Yes please!


Grow your own veg? Yes please!

Damian Murray - Author