Muscle Maven – 10 September 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

Aaaaand I’m back in the room! Been away on holiday (Corfu for 3 weeks – was very nice), partner has been unwell since we returned and son has started High School so has taken a little longer than planned to get back on this.

Since I got back it seems that the buzz word on everyone’s lips is ‘Sugar’ or more specifically ‘Sugar Tax’.  Everyone has an opinion and I don’t think anyone is right or wrong.  I see everyone saying we shouldn’t blame one thing for causing so many issues and that the parents and children need education.  I agree entirely.  Sadly this isn’t happening though so what do we do?  Sit here with each side saying that ‘something’ needs to happen?  It needs someone to step forward and say ‘let’s start by doing this’ (taxing fizzy drinks with added sugar) which Jamie Oliver has done.  This then gives us a starting point.  Gets people talking.  Potentially raises money to pay for the aforementioned education (we all know that will be the first question – who is going to pay for it?).

Is it right or wrong?  I don’t know – we will see but at least someone has stepped forward and made a decision to run with something.  I find myself often telling my son “don’t be afraid to make a decision, if it turns out to be wrong you can learn from it but at least you made a decision.”  His latest decision is he wants an iPad pro – he is now learning the difference between ‘wants’ and ‘gets’!

I think that everyone is agreed that education is key – implementing that across the board is far more difficult and will take time.  I certainly don’t have the answers for how this would be done and I feel that people are saying it as they know it is the right thing to say rather than stepping back and asking if this is perhaps the first step in the right direction.  Let’s be honest – for the most part the simple message of how to be generally healthy is often overcomplicated.

There is also the question of honesty.  I believe in being honest with my son – “what happens if you eat too much of that?”

“I get fat”.

No need to dress it up.  He has understood that for some time.  Does it stop him having a chocolate milkshake at school or fish and chips for dinner?  No it doesn’t.  Does it stop him having 2 or 3 chocolate milkshakes or a load of sweets after dinner?  Yes.

I want to avoid writing this as a fully blown article so am going to stop there – if you have any thoughts then please let me know.  As I say – I don’t think it is right or wrong so keep it civil!

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