Muscle Maven – 11 January 2016

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

What is it with fitness professional’s ‘calling out’ other fit pros? I saw 3 videos this week from people ‘calling out’ The Body Coach. They then proceeded to say that although they don’t necessarily dislike him as a person they dislike his message – ‘Eat More, Exercise less’.

It is all OK though – you see they are doing it for the normal folk walking the streets. The reason they will post arguments or conflicting info on posts is that they want the message to normal people to be clear and simple. Personally I don’t get it. Someone reading an article, understands it – perhaps contemplates trying some of it. Then reads a conflicting statement in comments and questions the whole article and then is back to square one. Confused. The very thing these people say they are trying to avoid.

The Body Coach, The Lunch Box Diet (the guy that wrote the book is now a very successful ‘life’ coach) etc – these things will always come and go. All credit to the people coming up with the ideas and the marketing (this is the key) behind it. I wonder if the people ‘calling them out’ spend their days recording videos calling out Herbalife, Weight Watchers, Forever Aloe (this list could go on and on). Of course they don’t because it is a waste of energy.

I wonder if the motivation is actually a little more disingenuous. Are they trying to capture some of the limelight? Improve their own profile? Gather more followers? For me I like to read conflicting views but it does not have to be written (or recorded) as an attack. My son understands the importance of manners – just because you are online and commenting on something does not mean they need to disappear.

A couple of years ago there was a great (short) debate on Twitter between Layne Norton and Kris Gethin. I wish I could find the link but I can’t. Both had completely ideas about something that was related to nutrition. Both argued their point like gentlemen. Both agreed that the other gets results with their very different approaches. Both agreed that they actually are working towards the same thing.

That is how you do it. Class.


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Damian Murray - Author