Muscle Maven – 11 October 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

I’m back! I have been away for a while as after I went on holiday Sean then decided his website needed a revamp and before you know it a few months have passed. Doesn’t mean I have run out of things to say, nor have I run out of bargains to find!

Some of you may or may not know that I am on my way to completing my Level 3 PT course having already passed the Precision Nutrition course. This does not mean that I will be adding ‘PT’ to my FB profile nor will I assume that all of a sudden I am an amazing coach. It saddens me to see people jumping into the industry and assuming that once qualified they are the DB’s and getting people with barely any co-ordination to deadlift and squat the minute they step into the gym. You see articles going out written from a point of authority and yet getting it so wrong because they are not prepared to admit that they don’t know something. Not knowing the answer to a question is not weakness – in fact I would say admitting ‘I don’t know’ puts you in a positive light – nobody is perfect.

Worse than this is that there is a level of irresponsibility with regards to people’s health and physical wellbeing. If someone cannot squat with a bar on their back they should not be doing it. At all. So applauding them for a PB that is going to ruin their back, hips etc is not good. A massive deadlift with a back like a scared cat (or is that a cat ready to fight?) is dangerous. Yet you still see the videos going up – ‘congrats to client xyz – smashing it’ – makes you wince when you watch it.

Then you get the nutritional programs. Diets that make contest prep (and I have only ever prepped for 1 photo shoot) look like a breeze. Simply setting people up for failure as they simply cannot sustain the level of ‘clean eating’ they are being asked to do! For the most part these people do not need to ‘bulk’ nor ‘cut’ – they just want to lose weight (OK, OK – fat) and look good naked.

The best trainer will be humble. They will freely admit failings – if you want someone who is an expert in endurance sports (as an example) they should be prepared to say ‘no’ – not ‘well, I should be able to help as I did read about it in my course!’ Look for someone who is a good fit for you and essentially doesn’t spout a load of bullsh*t!

Now onto the deals…

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