Muscle Maven – 14 December 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

These posts don’t always have to be mini rants or asking you to dig deep into your pockets for others – I thought I would let you share a proud dad moment with me.

As I have said in the past my son started high school this year, he seems to have settled in very well and is progressing well in his (many) new subjects. He has also started playing rugby. Ben is not the biggest lad, has a good turn of pace and so he plays as a winger. He loves the training and really enjoys the fact it is normal contact rugby. He has always been very brave on the football pitch (and earned himself the nickname ‘Chopper’) and I think this has transferred itself to the rugby pitch.

When he started training with the school they struggled to get enough to get a team together but some other boys joined and they have enough players to now be able to play competitively against other schools.  The PE teacher arranged a match against the local sports/science school for Thursday (10 December) after school.

Parents that could get the time off walked into the school (the children from Ben’s school were playing away) and we arrived before our children. As we walked in we saw the opposition team and thought ‘oh dear, they look good’ and all assumed we would be the losing side.

How wrong we were! The children were fantastic – we only had 10 players to their 20 (they played a different team in each half) and not only did we not concede but we scored 3 tries in the first half and 2 in the second! It was amazing to watch – very exciting and the bravery of the children was fantastic. I saw my son not even think twice about getting stuck in a tackling a lad nearly twice his size. I remember playing rugby at school and hating it – scared I would get hurt as I was small (or felt small).

Once of the things that impressed me most was the coaching. Teachers stayed on the pitch to issue guidelines and help the children rather than be stuck hollering on the sidelines. You could see this was a huge benefit to the children in both teams. Would love to see this in football (although difficult to implement) as I think it would stop parents trying to shout instructions from the sidelines (one of the biggest problems for a childs football coach).

That’s it! I didn’t want to go into too much detail (I could) as I am sure much of it is only interesting to me. My son makes me proud in so many ways (in EVERY way) – I will be honest, we all say about how important taking part is etc etc but we all know it always feel better to win!


Christmas is nearly upon us and the meat deals begin. Morrisons currently have a whole leg lamb roast reduced to £4 per KG. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for supporting your local butcher etc and if you can afford it then I urge you to shop there (and you do find some great bargains) but this is a great national deal.

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Motorway Service Station

I was driving back from Coventry last night and I stopped off to grab a coffee (decaf) and as it was late had a quick look in Waitrose to see if anything was reduced. It was. I got nearly £50 worth of produce for around £20. This is more a note for everyone; always be on the lookout!

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