Muscle Maven – 14 March 2016

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

Is it just me or is anyone else completely fed up with pics of godawful meals littering their news feed across the various social media platforms? Who are you trying to convince about how hardcore you are for sticking to your shitty (insert number no higher than 12 here) week transformation?

The thing is these people must realise (please tell me they must) as they sit cringing about tucking into some cold chicken and kale (no carbs and kale is the best food ever, right?) after taking the obligatory pic and posting it with whatever emoji depicts disgust (usually little green face dude or the one wearing the doctors mask) and the ‘will be worth it’ comment that this will not last.

Don’t get me wrong – there are some whereby it will be a fantastic kickstart and move them on to lead a much healthier life but this will either depend on the type of person completing the ‘challenge’ or whether the coach is actually good at what they do

There are some who are simply so driven that they will see it through and continue to live that way long after their time has finished. The coach has taken the money and sent you out into the World…its OK though – you can always sign up again!

What about the others? Those who grind it out until the end and end up despising ‘healthy’ food (I hate to use the term but you know what I mean) and exercise and simply undo everything they have worked for. There are those that simply cannot see it through and quit before the end – often using some sort of excuse as to why they are unable to continue.

Strange you never see their pics or hear their story. I lost loads of weight, trained like a friggin demon and then stopped it all the minute the plan finished and went completely wild stuffing my face with as many calories as is humanly possible. Eventually they keep eating and end up in a worse place than where they began. They know the 12 week plan worked and that they can see it through. Hey, its only 12 weeks right? Or 8 weeks…or 6 weeks or however many weeks the latest crazy program to get you ‘shredded’ is (sidenote – who wants to get shredded, really?). And so the cycle begins.

It doesn’t have to be that way. If you ranked your current diet as 0 out of 100 then you don’t need to move it to 100 straight away, or maybe not ever. You see you have to move things around to allow you to get to the place where you are healthy and happy AND can see yourself doing for the rest of your life.

Someone I work with gets it perfectly. He wanted to lose a little weight. All he has done is stopped having a bacon roll every morning (we have a kitchen you can buy them from and they are damned tasty). That’s it. Nothing else.

Is he losing weight?


Is it easy to follow?


Will he ever have a bacon roll again?

Of course!

But who knows what else he may start to change along the way.

Remember – if you are carrying tubs of food around with you that you are not looking forward to eating is not a diet you want to follow. I would dread going to bed each day knowing I had another day of eating tasteless garbage ahead of me tomorrow.

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