Muscle Maven – 18 January 2016

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

I love the freedom I have to write here. Sean gave me no remit – just type about whatever I want and provide a few money saving tips at the end. It is very liberating. I can write about things without having to spend endless hours finding the relevant pub med article to back it up. I don’t know about you but I am a little tire about the endless ‘back it up’ questions.

For example – we know that if you were to reduce (or cut down) on your fat intake that the likelihood is that you will lose weight. Argue as much as you like but we know it will work. For most people…if they do not eat carbs after 18:00 – they will lose weight. Train fasted – you will likely lose fat and/or stay pretty lean.

There is loads of info like that and if I really wanted to I could spend the time finding the evidence to support my statements. So what is my point? Do you know what? I am not entirely sure. I just know I hate reading something and then immediately questioning it when in my heart I know it to be true (even if science disagrees). That is not to say that I disregard science (durrr – I aint fick) but at the same time you also have to apply a little common sense.

Now onto the biggie…¬†Herbalife… it works. So does Juice Plus. And Lighter Life. And Weight Watchers. And Slimming World. If you want to lose weight then all of the aforementioned programs will work. If you start to attack people using any of those methods to lose weight you are likely to alienate them and they will likely ignore you. For some it will actually be a good thing. Help them lose weight and perhaps get some good structure into their diet.

So what can you do? Congratulate them. Tell them they have been fantastic. They have lost weight. Ask if they have managed to achieve their goals. There is no point being negative. You are not helping. Just be a friend and listen to them. I used to spend ages commenting on threads and forums about these diets and then I stopped. I asked myself why I was doing it. More importantly I asked myself who was benefiting. It wasn’t me. It wasn’t them. Like last week, they were walking away more confused and that was not fair. It didn’t help anyone.

So I stopped. Why? It was pointless. There was nothing I hoped to achieve. I did not want any clients. They were not coming to me for advice. It was actually quite liberating. When I realised I did not have to worry about this anymore (and when others linked me in to the ads I ignored them) it meant I could leave others open to their own options. My friends are well aware of who I am and what I stand for. If they want help from me then they can ask. I do not need to go pushing my opinion(s) down their throat as I would not appreciate it if the role was reversed.

And, like I said – Herbalife works. You want to lose weight – a couple of milkshakes a day instead of meals would do it. Hell, a couple of Mars Bars instead of meals would do it!


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