Muscle Maven – 18 October 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

I am aware that this has become something resembling a blog of late – if you would prefer to skip my current thoughts then please feel free to skip to the end to see my three deals for this week…

This week I had an interesting conversation with a colleague at work – I was discussing with him how I felt when my son progressed from primary school to secondary school this year. I found it tough – a virtual line in the sand where my little boy has passed on his way to becoming a young adult (I know it sounds silly as he is only 11 so is still my little boy) and it took me some time to feel at ease with the emotions and accepting that he is growing up (fast). My colleague (who is older than me) understood exactly what I meant – he said he will sometimes find himself looking at photos and remembering what a wonderful day it was. He said he can feel quite melancholy for a moment even though the photo may be from quite a few years ago (his children are leaving home). It was what he said next that really struck a chord with me. We were talking about money, mortgages etc (not quite sure how we covered all this in a few minutes as we were in a kitchen making a coffee) and he said that it is important to make memories. Although we all want to be comfortable and have money when we are older ultimately it is numbers on a screen. With children you want to enjoy life and make memories – not sit there when you are 50 and regret not doing things because your only focus was paying off your mortgage as quickly as possible (for example) as all you are left with are numbers on a screen. Of course he wasn’t saying to go and spend all of your money all of the time but he was stressing the importance of enjoying your life as you cannot go back and do things again. Numbers on a screen – seemed a very simple comment – for me it has been profound.

Tied into this was a discussion I had with a PT in the gym. We were talking about time and he said that we are all wishing time away all of the time.

“I can’t wait for the end of work.”

“I can’t wait for the weekend.”

“I can’t wait to go on holiday next year.”

How often do we all make comments like this? Constantly wishing our lives away and not taking a moment to sit back and enjoy the here and now. For me I have made a conscious decision to stop hoping that time will pass more quickly and to concentrate on making memories. I want to try and enjoy what I have now rather than wonder where that time went.

GoNutrition’s 99p mince

Seems that all of the supplement companies are getting into selling food now. I guess they see how successful MuscleFood have become and would like a slice of the pie. This means we get some cracking deals as they all try to compete with each other. GoNutrition currently have 99p mince when you use code MBF99. It says that the offer runs out on Tuesday 13th October but at time of writing it is still working (max 4 only).

Go Nutrition offering up to 60% off pills

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MyProtein’s autumn sale

You need to be quick with this one. MyProtein currently have an autumn sale with up to 50% off. However they also currently have a code that will give you 20% off that also works with the sale items.  You can make some great savings with this so stock up!

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