Muscle Maven – 21 December 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

Is it just me or is everyone else hacked off with the absolute garbage you see on social media? ‘Fitness’ models taking a photo of themselves with their abs out at every damn opportunity. Girls taking everyday pics semi nude while making a cup of tea! Really?! I can think of one recently who bragged that he rarely promotes a brand yet mentions it (and makes sure it is placed) in every single post/pic (yes – I have unfollowed etc).

Sean – I thank God that you don’t do this or we would have to have words, on the phone, with you in another country (he is a trained killer after all!).

The problem is we all get sucked into it. Compare ourselves to these people. Why can’t I look like that year round? They brag about families, 9-5 jobs etc and still manage to look that good. Liars – well, a lot of them are. Photoshoot with pics cleverly leaked throughout the year to give the illusion that is how they look year round. They don’t. Not that there is anything wrong with it, though. I had a photoshoot a couple of years ago. Do I still look like that?




I like my social life. I like my family life. For me to look like that I have to work. Hard. Some are gifted. They have the genetics and work ethic to look that way year round. For most of us it is not achievable. However, this is fine. This is normal. It took me a long time to accept this. Getting as lean as I did skewed my perception of body image – not being really lean with a visible 6 pack was abnormal. I would really beat myself up about it – the problem is my body started to fight against me. Injuries, tired, moods, reliance on stimulants – the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong – I love the fact that I did it and Sean was/is a great friend/mentor to share it with.

I think the final straw came in the last year. I have hardly been able to train due to injuries (certainly not as I would normally train). Each time I returned something went wrong. However, I have learnt so much about myself  and about what is important. A happy person will exude an aura that cannot be matched and is infectious. I often wonder if the people posting pics in their pants telling you how great they are and are going to be, realise that they are actually trying to convince themselves more than they are trying to convince you? I have found what makes me happy – it isn’t a six pack. If you associate happiness with how you look I can almost guarantee that you will never by happy.

Anyway – Star Wars – I have seen it and it is great!

Christmas in a glass

It’s Christmas. I have read some stupid bullshit this week about how people are approaching Christmas as though it is a war. It isn’t. Don’t go ape shit and remember that no one is stealing your food – that way you don’t need to stuff what you can in your mouth. If you want to understand dieting a little more then get in contact with Sean – he can help you relax and enjoy your day. Xmas pudding does not get converted to fat immediately! Anyway – get yourself to Lidl and pickup some Glúhwein. Next get some spiced rum. Warm your Glúhwein and chuck in a shot (or two) of spiced rum. Enjoy.

Philip Learney

I am not going to beat around the bush. The ACA academy looks awesome. Sign up for a year here. I have.

End of the World

Christmas is treated like the end of the world by many shoppers. They go out and fill baskets as though the supermarkets will never be open again. They will be. Boxing day! Go out on Xmas eve and swoop for all the bargains. Absolute steals to be had!

I hope everyone has an amazing Xmas and New Year and truly enjoys every minute. Here’s to money saving in the New Year!

Damian Murray - Author