Muscle Maven – 22 February 2016

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

So I hope you all took my advice and did something that made you happy. I did. Due to current training issues I had been putting off signing up to RockSolidRace (an OCR) and had been telling myself that I wouldn’t be able to get round very well. Then I remembered how much I enjoy the event (sounds crazy – I enjoy crawling through dirty water under barbed wire) and thought ‘balls to it, I’m signing up’! I have about 4 weeks to train (mainly sprint training as I find this works well for me) and then it will be time to join thousands of others on the 15k (they do 5, 10 or 15k) and I will be smiling and laughing all the way around. Even better is I will be running it with both of my brothers (and probably a couple of others in my team) – it really is a fantastic bonding experience. I have tried to convince Sean to run it in the past but I think his years crawling through dirty water (probably under barbed wire)  in the Royal Marines has put him off!

So why am I talking about this? I think it is very easy when we train to become a little disillusioned with why we train or what we are training for. We can become very one dimensional. Goto gym, lift weights, stretch, shower, leave gym. This is where I think Crossfit is excellent as it promotes really pushing your limits but keeps things interesting (no, I don’t do Crossfit). I know that training should be specific to your goals and we are all guilty of ‘program hopping’ – convinced that if we just did something different we would get the results we want faster.

For most of us – the average gym going public – we want it to be entertaining. We want it to be interesting. You have the power to make it whatever you want. If you feel you are stuck in a rut and are not really sure what your goals are (here is a secret – you don’t HAVE to have a goal – you might just enjoy training) then try something different. Go outside and see what you can do. Sign up to an OCR (works for me). Try a Crossfit session. Checkout strongman training. There are many different things you can try, get outside your comfort zone and think beyond the gym.

Going back to the start of my rambling and think of something that you could do to your training that would make you happy, then do it!

Frozen Veg

I was in Tesco’s yesterday and was in the frozen food section as I wanted to pickup some frozen avocados (no more avocados in the bin because I waited too long) and was amazed at the amount of variety of frozen veg now available. It is also extremely cheap compared to ‘fresh’. If you struggle with the cost of ‘fresh’ fruit and vegetables then go and have another look in the frozen section – you will be amazed at exactly what is available now.

Ben and Jerrys

Another one for Tesco… Ben and Jerrys is only £2.50 including the ‘core’ varieties!


Who doesn’t love Nando’s? Not strictly money saving as it is expensive for what it is but we all love it! They offer a 20% discount to all NHS, Police, Fire, Ambulance service and Military employees. Check T’s and C’s here.

Damian Murray - Author