Muscle Maven – 25 January 2016

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

Much of this last week has been sent sorting out my attic. Loads of junk accumulated over many years – much of it destined to be useful at some point but it never was – has now ended up down the local recycling centre. As I was sorting through all of the ‘stuff’ that was stored it struck me how many memories were there. Almost everything had some sort of story behind it – even random pieces of wood

Some memories good (camping equipment  reminding me of great camping holidays), some not so good (photos of my face and head after being assaulted on a night out РI still struggle even now with the feelings/emotions attached to this event) but all knitting together to tell a story of my life. I spent a lot of time simply reminiscing and feeling a little melancholy with a few pangs of regret.

Regret of not making the most of what I had (and have). You see there have been times when I have ‘not had the time’ and my attention has been elsewhere when my son might have wanted to play with me. I needed to train when my partner wanted us to all sit down and have a meal together. Easier to use the ‘electronic babysitter’ when I had to prep some food for the next day…you get the idea.

Time is the most precious commodity we have and I am guilty – not guilty of wasting time (well I am, I think we all are) but of not making the most of IMPORTANT time. I was so preoccupied with training and trying to stay in shape I forgot about the most important thing of all – LIFE. Spending too much time on one particular thing and losing sight of the things around you that really matter.

I see many people that seem to be so obsessed with training and nutrition that they forget there is a World beyond the gym. A World beyond weighing chicken and posting constant updates about how hard they pushed in training (who are they trying to convince – perhaps themselves?), another semi naked Instagram selfie to show ‘progress’.

I get it – I really do. I love training. I love eating the right stuff. The buzz of seeing your results. Knowing that you are strong. But don’t let it consume you so much that you are blinded to what is around you. The things that are really important.

You also need to be aware of the time ‘burglars’. Those people who are simply nothing but a drain on your time. We have all experienced them. People who portray themselves as friends but when you stop to think about it the relationship is geared heavily in their favour. You give a lot, they give very little. Either cut them loose or make the necessary changes so that you are not giving away what should be most precious to you.

Time is a finite resource.


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