Muscle Maven – 25 October 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

This week I decided to give up caffeine. It is something I have wanted to do for a while. I had tapered down the amount of drinks I have that contain caffeine to 2 cups of tea and one coffee a day (and have been drinking decaf coffee for a while). Finally decided on Tuesday that Wednesday would be the first day I went caffeine free. Wow. I was not prepared for just how s**t I would feel. Probably not the best idea to start on a day when I was attending a training course (I work in IT so a dull training course) but I stuck with it. The best way to explain how I felt was a slight ‘detachment’ to the World. Tired, bizarre headache – typical ‘come down’ feelings. However after a couple of days I felt normal again. Here I am nearly a week later and do i see any immediate benefits? Not really. So why have I done it?

I had got to the stage where I could have a strong coffee in the evening and still goto bed and goto sleep. This is not good. This is an indication of an overworked adrenal system. I could link to various studies to prove me point and at the same time you could Google to find studies to disprove it. Therefore I find it better to simply talk about how caffeine has been affecting me (or not as the case may be). There was a time when I would have a coffee, perhaps some caffeine tablets or pre-workout ad I would feel wired, alert. As time has gone on and I have abused stimulants more and more I had found that I got next to no benefit from them. Coffee no longer made me feel awake. A coffee before a workout didn’t make me any more focused – in fact I started to feel tired after a drink that contained caffeine.

This started to concern me. You should feel alert after a coffee. It should make you focused. You certainly should not be able to go to sleep after a coffee containing 4 espresso’s! I was worried about what effect this substance has had on my body over the years and what problems it could potentially cause further down the line if I continue to abuse it with chronic levels of over-consumption.

I also want those feelings back. I want to have a caffeinated drink and feel that ‘buzz’. Go into a workout with that extra ‘push’ that you can get. The fact that I felt dreadful when I knocked it on the head also confirms the dependence my body had on it. I have to admit I have certainly been able to get to sleep quicker and I also feel as though I am getting a better quality of sleep. In a few weeks I will try a coffee before a workout (might as well control the stress I put my body under to a ‘window’ of time) to see how I feel.

Perhaps you should question your own consumption. Is it because you want it or because you need it. If you can’t get going in the morning until you have had a cup of coffee (or any caffeinated drink) I would question why…

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