Muscle Maven – 26 April 2016

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

A little late writing this post (and I hate excuses) but with work, illness, studying and a conference I have simply not had the time (as I like to write at the end of the week).

The illness part was not fun. A little gastro trouble that led to a bit of rapid weightloss. No juice cleanse needed! Took a couple of days to get over it – bizarrely it started the day after my academy call with Alex Manos covering the digestive system!

Luckily I managed to recover before the weekend as I went to the Personal Trainer Collective Conference at Bath University. 4 top speakers – Brad Schoenfeld, James Krieger, Alan Aragon and Bret Contreras. Amazing weekend and so much knowledge. It was extremely well organised and while Bath may have been a pain in the ass for some to get to (people came from all over the World) for me it was nice quick drive up from Exeter!

One of the best things about the whole weekend was that everyone went away with loads of practical knowledge that could be applied to themselves and their clients. Much of it is information that we all know but it is great to have it validated!

The only thing for me that wasn’t great was something that was addressed at the BTN conference I went to last year. People don’t seem to socialise that much. Breaks, lunch etc people tended to either keep themselves to themselves or they stuck in the groups they had arrived in. I am a talkative kind of guy but struggled to get much of a conversation going with anybody beyond the usual polite conversation.

Saturday night – lots of people around Bath that have just attended a conference together – you would think that some might like to meet up, talk about the day, what we have learned – shared interests – expand your network. Perhaps some did and I was the odd one out!

I think that this is something massively overlooked at these types of events –¬†getting like minded (assuming that everyone who has paid to attend an event like this are likely to have a similar outlook) to mix and spread the same message. I know we can use FB groups etc but I am a much bigger fan of good old fashioned face to face conversation (perhaps over a beer)! Would have loved a ‘flash mob’ style takeover of a local pub.

Organisers take note – as the old BT add used to say “It’s good to talk”!

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