Muscle Maven – 30 November 2015

Damian 'The Muscle Maven' Murray (photo by snhfoto)

So that’s it. All done. Black Friday is over for another year! It’s funny that we have become so consumer driven that just so we can have another sale we have adopted an American tradition and made it our own. Don’t get me wrong – I take advantage like everyone else but you won’t see me having a fight at Tesco to save ¬£30 off some godawful TV that will probably be so bad you will end up needing to wear glasses!

The thing is if you have been reading what I do to try to minimise the cost of EVERYTHING you will realise that deals and bargains are available year round. Just because a retailer shouts from the rooftops that they are discounting everything doesn’t mean they really are. Yes there are bargains to be had but they are few and far between. A good example is the Amazon lightening deals – you have waited for the opportunity to buy whatever is on offer, the clock his ticked down and the ‘Add to Basket’ button has appeared. Amazon are telling you that you are saving 50% from RRP – what a steal! However if you checked before the deal you probably find that Amazon were selling it with a 48% saving anyway!

Remember – it is only a bargain if you REALLY need it AND you can afford it.


After everything I just said MuscleFood were one of the few that did have some fantastic offers. If you are quick (very quick) they seem to still be available. Get over there quick!


You may sense a trend here – picking up all of the scraps from the sales! MyProtein have a fair amount left on sale. Combine with an ambassadors code to get extra discount as well!


The first to already have their site updated for Cyber Monday.  They currently have a sale on protein powders. Try to buy in larger quantities to make a bigger saving.

Damian Murray - Author