If you have a specific event, activity or goal you wish to train for – and need something a little more specialised than our free training programmes – a bespoke programme might be right for you!

Whether you want:

  1. Aesthetics/fat loss
  2. Strength and conditioning for a sport/event
  3. Military preparation
  4. Nutritional coaching

Programmes can be created to suit a variety of needs:

  • Various lengths
  • Nutritional plans for any dietary needs
  • Pre-season and during the season
  • Tailored training to individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Injury recovery
  • Multiple people (sports team, couples etc)

With advice and support throughout, Sean’s bespoke training programmes take into account your individual aims, specific weaknesses and necessary areas to improve to provide the ability to reach your required goal. This premium service is available on a limited basis; Sean will only take on a limited number to ensure success. If you wish to enquire then please use the contact form and get in touch today. Be as descriptive as possible as this will allow Sean to provide you with an accurate quote.