Ray’s Cutting Diary – Week 11

dumbbell rack

Cloud goes up, cloud goes down. Or rather, weight goes up, reps go down. Let’s get it on.

Day 71 – Chest/Back/Shoulders/Calves


I’ve decided to start warming up with a little rowing instead, owing to my slightly stiff hip and a general desire to just change things up to keep it interesting.

Good effort. Should be a good dynamic stretch for the muscles of the hip.

Wide-grip lat pulldown into pushups (8-11 reps, 4 sets)

Up from 39kg to 43.6kg – and still using the less smooth of the pulldown machines. I hit the range each time, starting at the top end before diminishing each set. I threw on a rest pause in the final set. In between, as ever, my pushups diminished each set, but they were good. Nicely timed, squeezing my way back up etc. I also threw a rest pause on at the end here. Solid start.

Wow! Big effort here Ray. Upping the weight and hitting the reps, and good technique on the press-ups by the sound of it too. Great start.

Incline dumbbell flyes into reverse flyes (8-11 reps, 3 sets)

With the seated cable row busy I had to change the order of events with some flyes. Thankfully this did not throw me off my game today; no sign of the Sulk Monster. I moved up from 16kg to 18kg for the flyes, and decided to try and do full sets with 8kgs without having 5s at the ready to dropset down to. It went okay, albeit across the board I only really worked to the low-end. Possibly a bit of a mental block with the incline flyes – certainly in the first and second set. The reverse flyes were decent; again just hitting the low-end, and with the final few reps of each set being a little messier. But yeah, decent. Not sure I’l be able to move up a weight with the incline flyes later this week. 18kg is pretty intense as it is.

Well done on changing the order without losing your focus. Not always easy when it’s forced upon you but often a necessity. 18kg for flyes is a good weight, I wouldn’t worry about increasing just yet. Stay with it and wait until the cut is over to push the weights.

Seated cable rows into dumbbell shoulder press (8-11 reps, 4 sets)

Up from 41.3kg to 45kg for the rows, and down to 8kg for the shoulder press. I seem to have moved back and forth between 8 and 10 here every week, seemingly on a whim. Today the logic was: I can’t find any 10s, and I’m doing them AFTER another superset, so maybe this will balance things out. The rows were good, but again I only managed to hit the low-end (with a rest pause on top for kicks in the final set). I really tried to make sure I was always engaging the back muscles, as when the weight goes up I think it can be easy to get into a habit of simply pulling the weight back without ensuring you that really get a squeeze in. Cheating yourself, essentially.

Very pleased with this Ray. Agreed re:moving up the weights and not really “feeling” the exercise and just moving weight, so well done. Hitting the low-end of the rep range is spot on with this heavier weight while keeping concentration. I’d agree with the through process on the 8kg vs the 10kg since the order had changed and an extra 3 sets already performed. Good work.

The shoulder presses in between were nothing special. I find my form changes a little sometimes, specifically with where I hold the tension. At times it’s like my neck is tense as well, but at others (when I rest my shoulders down?) that tension disappears. Hm…

Shoulders down and back and try to squeeze the delts should put the tension in the right place. The neck should be relaxed, ideally.

Cable crossover into cable lateral raise (8-11 reps, 3 sets)

Up to 27kg for the crossovers, and I hit the low-end of the range with great squeezing in the first two sets, before dropsetting a few times (down 18kg, then 14kg) in the third set. All with good squeezing, which I was happy with. In between I finally moved up to 14kg for the lat raises and did better than expected, hitting the low-end each set, before dropsetting some extra reps on time to finish things off. Happy with this – especially the crossover squeezes.

It usually takes people a few years of training to understand creating tension within their own muscles by squeezing during the reps. You have picked this up very early on and I am sure it has progressed your physique no end compared to others you know who train around you. Keep it up. Don’t lose that concentration in the gym.

14kg for the lat raise is a great weight! Not easy. Keep it going.

Dumbbell shrug into decline dumbbell bench press (8-11 reps, 3 sets)

Still at 30kg for the shrugs, and I hit 10 reps each time. It’s fine, if a bit pedestrian. Mind is generally focussed on the decline presses to follow, so in honesty I’m not sure I’m giving the shrugs as much attention as I should. I’m not throwing those sets away, but they’re not really anything to shout about. For the decline presses I moved up from 20kg to 22kg and hit the range each time (first 10 reps, then 8 and 8 again). I tried to throw on an extra rest pause for god measure but nothing was doing.

30kg for the shrugs is fine. Although I am sure you could shrug more, I’d rather you got full ROM and did them slowly than threw weights up badly, so stick with this.

Well done on the increased weight for the presses. Slowly, slowly upping each time. Perfect.

Calf press (8-11 reps, 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out)

I started at 86kg before moving up to 100kg and then 120kg. Each time hitting the range but, I’ll admit, not really putting in 100%. This exercise needs more attention, as I’m currently treating it as a bit of an afterthought, and that’s not good enough.

If this is the case and we were continuing with this split/session for another few weeks, I’d put it first up. In my session this week, calves were first. Reason being, often abs or calves are last and then get a bit of a half-hearted approach. Sometimes it’s necessary to give the weaker muscles priority. Putting chest and biceps last in a session would be good for a lot of people, I think.


Back to all three options for my HIIT:

  • Tabata sprints
  • 1min fast, 30sec rest x 5
  • 30sec fast, 30sec rest x 10

I was a bit unsure as to whether I’d do anything, though, due to my somewhat gammy hip. I did a walking warmup, then a quick jog before some lunges/leg swings/bodyweight squats etc. I decided to give Tabata sprints a go. If I felt discomfort I could just decrease the intensity or even stop if required.

Good warm up. If ever you have any niggles: thorough warm-up, then take it easy. Any pain, stop. Sounds like you did a good warm up and that helped ensure you could train.

So I went for the sprints at 20kph with a 2.5% incline. And I completed the full set, thankfully. I did have to bollock myself a bit at the halfway point, though, as I sometimes get into a habit of pulling each phase short by a second or so.

Not uncommon. I think we all do this and have to concentrate hard to make sure we aren’t allowing ourselves to get away with it. Great honesty here mate, well done.

Overall another good session. Nice one.

Day 72 – Legs/Abs


Leg press into straight leg dumbbell deadlift (8-11 reps, 4 sets)

Up from 113kg to 120kg, but sticking with 18kg for the deadlifts (instead I’ll be focussing on a slower tempo). The presses went well, hitting the range each time; I threw on a dropset at the end of the last set, down to 86kg for another 7 reps. For the deadlifts I tried to focus on a tempo closer to 3030 instead of firing back up like I had been doing. This was Sean’s advice, and led to a better set – plenty of time under tension! For both exercises I wish I’d hit closer to the top end, but this was still a decent start.

Good weight for the leg presses, especially at the tempo you’re working at. And well done on the tempo for the SL deadlifts. Not easy, but from the videos you sent, definitely the way to improve your technique. 

Sometimes with a lift, if you aren’t feeling it correctly, going lighter then slowing right down allows you to really get into the exercise at each position rather than rushing through badly.

Goblet squat into seated leg curls (8-11 reps, 4 sets)

Up to a 22kg dumbell for the goblet squats, but unfortunately I couldn’t get on the leg curl machine. As with last week’s midweek leg session, there’s a gaggle of friends who like to do a circuit around the three main leg machines – which leaves people like myself searching for alternatives. Annoyingly the TRX straps were also taken, so in the end I was doing Romanian deadlifts with a 17.5kg bar. All the 20kg barbells were taken. Far from ideal, and it led to a pretty lacklustre superset, although the goblet squats were okay in and of themselves.

This is a bit of an annoying position to be in. It’s happened two weeks in a row now, so YOU have to do something about it. In my mind you have two choices:

  1. Change the day you do leg training.
  2. Speak to these guys and say that it’s a bit unfair for them to circuit train using machines and all the leg machines for that matter. Would they mind sharing.
  3. Get to the gym earlier and grab the leg curl before they do and make this the first exercise.

Well done on the deadlifts instead. Good adaptation made.

Leg extensions into Barbell squats (8-11 reps, 3 sets)

Up from 49.3kg to 56.6kg for the leg extensions, and in between I stuck with a 20kg barbell for the squats. I had considered trying to grab an Olympic bar but there weren’t any available, and I didn’t quite know what else to do. Maybe I could have supersetted with single leg extensions? In any case, I hit the range for the extensions each time (with loads of dropsets at the end of the third set, just for chuckles), before working some admittedly half-arsed squats in between where I only bothered to hit the low-end. Not good enough.

Difficult one. I would suggest either pause squats, so essentially doing the squats as 3510 in tempo, or performing with 15kg dumbbells held on the shoulders. Either way, ditch the simple squats on 20kg, it’s too easy for you.

Dumbbell walking lunges into dumbbell jump squats (8-11 reps, 3 sets)

Up to 18kg for the lunges, and I actually overshot the range for the first set by doing 12 reps for each leg. But this dropped to 10 reps in the second set, with the same again in the third set after which I had to sit down for a second. In between I used 8kg dumbbells for jump squats, and needed a rest pause each time to hit 10 reps. Pretty happy with this, to be fair, although in hindsight perhaps one of the reasons it went so well was that some of the preceding exercises weren’t as intense as they should have been.

Good effort Ray. Preceding exercise being easy or not, you made up for it here with a solid superset. Not easy doing walking lunges straight into jump squats; certainly a bit of a burn to be felt. Really pleased with this effort.

Cable crunch into weight plank (8-11 reps / 40secs, 3 sets)

Three sets of 64kg for the crunches; nothing special, but not bad. For the planks I stuck with a 20kg plate but extended the time from 30 seconds to 40 seconds. I completed it in the first two sets, but fell 15 seconds short at the end, unfortunately.

Wow! Brilliant work. 20kg for 4osecs and 64kg for crunches. Superb!

Overall not as good a session as I wanted it to be, but there was still some good stuff in there. Unfortunately it’s unavoidable that midweek mornings are busier than a Saturday, and as such I can’t always get the kit I want. It is what it is!

I think this was a good session, so head up. In terms of kit; it does happen when sharing a gym. I always find talking to people can help. Asking nicely how many sets they have or is there any chance I can jump in for 30seconds while they are resting. If someone is rude, that’s their problem. Just say thank you and walk away. For me, that gives me even more of an impetus to train hard, with perfect form and tempo to demonstrate how training should be done.

Day 73 – Arms/Calves


Chin-ups into dips (to failure, 4 sets)

As ever, I started with just 6 reps a piece with diminishing returns. Maybe a bit of a mental block stopping me doing better here? Possibly. I saw someone doing weighted chin-ups with a 25kg plate, which made me feel just a tad insecure about my own output!

What tempo were they doing? What was their range of movement? How many reps? Are their legs like twigs as they don’t train legs but means their lower body weighs very little? Can he run? Did he train yesterday? etc.

Don’t compare yourself. I know it’s hard, but if you do, you get caught up and it actually affects your training and reaching your goals. If you want to be able to do 20 pull-ups, then that’s our next programme. Write it down as a goal and I’ll write the programme for you. At the moment you are cutting: which means less Calories, so less food, less energy and possibly fewer reps.

Cable curl into triceps pushdown (rope) (8-11 reps / 4 sets)

Up from 27kg to 32kg for the curls, and from 41kg to 50kg for the pushdowns. For the first three sets I hit the range each time with 9 curls and 8 pushdowns, but in the fourth set I failed on each exercises and went with a dropset to squeeze out the remaining reps. I’m not sure I got the best squeezes in here, but I feel okay about the weight and volume.

This is brilliant. Good weights and good reps. Very pleased with this Ray.

Incline dumbbell curl into standing dumbbell triceps extension (8-11 reps / 3 sets)

Up from 10kg to 12kg for the curls, and from 18kg to 20kg for the extensions. The curls were pretty intense, but I managed to hit the low end each time (albeit with help from a rest pause in the third set). I felt a bit light-headed at the end of the first set, actually, but this didn’t carry on. The extensions were okay; again I hit the low-end with help from a rest pause in the final set.

Both tough exercises, especially when the arms are already pretty beat from preceding sets. Sounds like you worked pretty hard though if you were getting light-headed. Make sure you aren’t holding your breath. We haven’t really gone into depth on this, but:

  1. Breath in on the eccentric phase (lowering)
  2. Breath out on the concentric phase
  3. Don’t pause or hold the breath

If you hold it, you starve the muscles (and brain) or oxygen and actually have diminishing rep returns. You’ll also get light-headed!

Close-grip bench press into barbell curl (8-11 reps / 3 sets)

Had a bit of messing around here as I sniffed around for kit and tried to figure out what I was going to do. In the end I managed to swipe a squat rack with an Olympic barbell, so I loaded it up to a 40kg total. I also grabbed a 12.5kg barbell (up from 10kg) for the curls. The presses were really good and intense; I first hit the top end, then the low-end, before requiring a rest pause in the third set. Today showed me that in previous weeks I’ve been coasting with an assortment of fixed barbells and EZ bars. I should have always tried to grab the Olympic bar and do it properly!

It’s always a game of getting the kit; if you can get an O bar, it’s better. But unless you can go to the gym at 2.30pm each day or go to a bodybuilding gym with six bench press benches, it’s not practical. Next time we’ll put this first up so you’re in and onto the bench.

In between I found the barbell curls tough. My arms (and shoulders?) were done in by the bench presses, so although the weight was pretty light and I did manage to hit the ranges, I don’t feel I managed to give it quite the oomph I wanted to with the squeezes.

Front delts will be hit by close grip presses, especially as triceps were tired so they’ll be supporting more. Biceps curls require you to fix the shoulders, hence they were feeling it. This is where I close my eyes and concentrate on squeezing the biceps and nothing else: put it all back where you need it to be.

EZ bar curl into Lying triceps press (8-11 reps / 3 sets)

Before last week I had always counted the EZ bar (unloaded) as a 10kg weight; but now I know it’s more like 7.5g and will treat it as such. Thus, today’s weight for both the EZ bar curls and lying triceps presses (also performed with the EZ bar) was 27.5kg. A steady 10kg plate on either side of an EZ bar.

EZ bar is 7-7.5kg as far as I’m concerned, so yes, you may have underestimated over the last few weeks. Good work on the weights with 10kg each side.

The curls weren’t bad, but I needed rest pauses each set. The slow lowering of the weight was good, but again I think I was inconsistent with the squeezes. At first struggling to find them, but in fairness later doing okay with them. In between the triceps presses were tough. First set I hit the range but needed pauses thereafter. My arms were shaking on the way up by the end, so I think this was a better set than I’ve had in recent weeks.

If the arms were shaking it sounds like you go this bang on. If ever I can’t find the squeeze, I tend to just bend over at the waist a little and keep the upper arms parallel with the walls and curl from there. Seems a bent over curl really helps you find the biceps again.

Leg press calf raise (8-11 reps, 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out)

First set 120kg, then up to 141kg.  I kind of ignored the 8-11 range and went with 15 reps for the first two sets, but this naturally dropped to 10 reps for the latter two sets. A decent set to end on, I think.

Good effort. Well done: if rep range is too easy, work to failure. Brilliant Ray.

Overall a pretty good session. At times I think I struggled to find the squeeze due to the increase in weight, but this wasn’t a massive problem so I’m not that worried. I’ve made a habit recently of tagging on some extra stuff just for fun, but today I left it as I was happy enough with my performance through the main programme of exercises.

Exactly. If upping the weight means you lose the concentration, just add drop sets to find the squeeze after a pre-fatigue. Overall, I’m very pleased with this session Ray.

Day 74 – Rest



Day 75 – Chest/Back/Shoulders/Calves


Wide-grip lat pulldown into pushups (8-11 reps, 4 sets)

Up a smidge from 43.6kg to 47.3kg – again with the less smooth of the two pulldown machines. I hit the range each time, throwing on a rest pause after the final set just for kicks. I never managed to hit the top end, and the squeezes weren’t flawless, but it was okay. In between the pushups were as usual, starting at around 10 reps or so but diminishing each time. I like supersetting pushups here; keeping to a slow tempo is tough but good.

Great start. Upping the weights and hitting the range and putting in rest pauses? Model trainee in my book. Keep it up.

I think press-ups are overlooked by many. I’ve utilised them in many places and find them such an easy and rewarding exercise. Greg Plitt was a huge fan… ’nuff said really.

Seated cable rows into dumbbell shoulder press (8-11 reps, 4 sets)

From 45kg to 52kg for the rows, but after completing the first set I then failed, and so dropsetted to 39kg in the second set, before completing the third set at 47.3kg and then sticking with that for the fourth set and needing a rest pause. So a little up and down with the weight, and due to the increased weight I didn’t manage to get the best squeezes in. But it was still okay.

Happy with this. Better to go up and complete 1 set, then fail and have to return than not to have tried at all. Great sets by the sound of it. 

In between I used 10kg dumbbells for the shoulder presses and hit the low-end each time (albeit with a rest pause in the final set). Not the best, unfortunately, but not terrible.

Sounds good to me.

Incline dumbbell flyes into reverse flyes (8-11 reps, 3 sets)

Last week I used 18kg for the dumbbell flyes when tackling this as the second superset in the session. Today, with it moving back to third, I decided to stick with that weight. I also stuck with 8kg for the reverse flyes. The dumbbell flyes were pretty intense. I only really managed the low-end each time, with a rest pause required in the third set. The reverse flyes were the same: low-end twice, then a rest pause required. So nothing spectacular here.

It doesn’t have to be “spectacular” sometimes, it’s just a case of grinding through the exercise, sticking to the tempo and squeezing hard; knowing that each rep is doing its job. You just get through the sets as best you can and wait to feel the DOMS the next day letting you know that you did what needed to be done.

Cable crossover into cable lateral raise (8-11 reps, 3 sets)

I decided to move up from 27kg to 32kg for the crossovers. I was keen to see how I’d do, but admittedly figured I’d probably need to be ready to dropset. And so it went, although I did manage to hit the low-end of the range in the first set. After that, though, I had to dropset to 27kg to finish the second set, and threw in a fair few dropsets in the third (down to 23kg, 18kg and then 14kg). The squeezes weren’t quite as good as earlier in the week, but they were still alright, and I hauling heavier weight around, so it’s all good.

Great progression. I’m really pleased with your want/drive to take it further each time while still performing correctly. Well done Ray.

In between I stuck with 14kg for the lat raises and hit the low-end for two sets, but then had to dropset in the third. I was struggling to get the sets started, in truth. I almost had to cheat to get going, but was okay thereafter.

14kg is heavy for this exercise, especially in a superset so I’m not surprised you struggled to get going! Well done for getting it done. Impressed!

Dumbbell shrug into decline dumbbell bench press (8-11 reps, 3 sets)

Another set of 30kg shrugs, and these were pretty good. For the presses I perilously moved up from 22kg to 24kg, but still managed to hit the low-end of the range each time. I don’t get brilliant squeezes here, unfortunately. The weight’s pretty heavy and I’m trying to make sure I lower it slowly, get it back up, don’t tip the bench etc. It’s a fun exercise, although certainly one that brings out the caution in me. Very happy to hit the range each set here. Next week I’ll push the weight further as the reps drop lower.

This is great! From 20kg to 22kg to 24kg over 3 sessions! Well done Ray. The squeezes will come as you get used to the weight. Seriously though, amazing work. Huge progress especially while cutting!

Calf press on leg press (8-11 reps, 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out)

Four sets at 154kg for 10 reps, pretty much. I’m probably being a bit generous to call it 10 reps for the final set, as there wasn’t much movement by the end. It’s tough to get this started, but I use my hands on my knees/thighs to cheat the weight out (and why not, I’m not actually doing the leg press here) and then move my feet into position. It always feels a bit sketchy shuffling my feet down and then pointing the toes in/outwards, but I get it done.

It is a bit “sketchy”. The machine isn’t designed for this, but without specific calf machines you see in bodybuilding gyms, it’s hard to do well otherwise. Well done with the added weight. Brilliant work again.


Two HIIT options for me today:

  • 1min fast, 30sec rest x 5
  • 30sec fast, 30sec rest x 10

I went for the latter, running it at 18.5kph with a 2% incline. Last time I did it at 18kph and 1.5% incline, so decent progress today. I worked up a really good sweat to finish off the session. The first few phases were a little iffy as my hip loosened up, but eventually I was fully greased and powering through. Good times.

Well done! Good pace and incline. I know I’ve said it before, but your progression here has really, really impressed me.

We need to watch the hip. It may be that we go to the ergo and leave the treadmill. I don’t want an injury, especially as you are in a Calorie deficit still. It may be good to ease off for a week or two.

Very happy with this session. Hopefully tomorrow’s leg session is just as good and the week finishes on a real high!

Day 76 – Legs/Abs


Leg press into straight leg dumbbell deadlift (8-11 reps, 4 sets)

Up from 120kg to 129.3kg for the presses, and from 18kg to 20kg for the dumbbell deadlifts. I hit the low-end of the range for the presses for two sets, and then bollocked myself for settling for that, so I worked up to 10 reps in the third set. Then in the fourth set I hit 5 reps before dropsetting down to 100kg for 4 reps. In between I worked to the low-end for the deadlifts each time. I had to rest pause halfway through in the final set.

Most people can’t bollock themselves and hence they pay for a personal trainer. Some people don’t need this and can do it themselves. Either you are one of those people, or the process of blogging has helped you stay accountable. The reality is though, you could lie, so I guess it’s just you. Good to see anyway. I’m impressed Ray.

An okay start, although I think the heavier, difficult weight was causing me to settle at the low-end instead of truly pushing to failure. And the 3010 was a little more like 2010 if I’m honest.

You noticed and corrected it so that’s what counts. Well done for the honesty. Something to work towards next time – 3010 all the way. I find saying 3, 2, 1 in my head as I lower the weight helps.

Goblet squat into seated leg curls (8-11 reps, 4 sets)

From 22kg to 24kg for the goblet squats, and this time I did manage to swipe the leg curl machine; I chose 68.3kg. The goblets were tough; I only hit the low-end each time, and again I think I was maybe letting the heavier weight getting the better of me by settling at the low-end of the range instead of pushing. The curls were decent; again the low-end, but even when it’s difficult I can generally keep the tempo quite consistent.

Great set! Tough weight selections as well. Brilliant work Ray.

Leg extensions into Barbell squats (8-11 reps, 3 sets)

Oh my God, what’s this – he’s actually pulled an Olympic bar across. Here, on a Saturday, it’s basically empty. So the kit is available and I don’t have to worry about getting in everyone’s way. I moved up from 56.6kg to 61.3kg for the extensions, and loaded up a modest 30kg total on the Olympic bar. I first hit the high-end for extensions, then low-end for the next two sets, throwing in some dropsets afterward just for fun.

For the squats in between I first hit the low-end, then again told myself off for settling and pushed to the high-end before rest pausing to the high-end in the final set.

Boom! I bet it felt good to finally nail this after 3 weeks of the split! Good work on getting the kit and working hard on these. We’ll know for next time that this superset isn’t easy at your gym!

Dumbbell walking lunges into dumbbell jump squats (8-11 reps, 3 sets)

Up from 18kg to 20kg for the dumbbells, but I actually dropped to 5kg dumbbells for the jump squats. My idea was that this time I’d try to forgo any rest pauses.

Interesting plan. Not sure I would’ve let you get away with that, but let’s see what happened…

The lunges were tough. I hit the range each time, but always required rest pauses to finish off the set. First to get the final two reps (per leg) out, then three, and then four. So the rests came earlier each time. In between I hit 10 jump squats without rests in the first two sets, but took a rest pause after 9 reps in the third set, before squeezing out another 3 reps. Reasonably happy with this, because the jump squats were a lot better than they have been previously, and today’s lunge weight was pretty heavy. So that’s good.

Sounds good! If the jumps were better in terms of height and form because of the lighter weight, then perfect decision. Without seeing the reps from previous it’s hard for me to say. However, you seem to have learnt a lot this last year, mostly in terms of HOW your body is feeling and WHAT you need to do to affect it. Many people NEVER get to this point. This decision and the fact that the set was good says to me you have managed to find a connection with your body and mind that many never do. Superb Ray.

Cable crunch into weight plank (8-11 reps / 45secs, 3 sets)

68kg for the crunches, and an aim of 45sec with a 20kg plate for the planks. I hit the range each time for the crunches (albeit with a rest pauses in the final set), but they weren’t the best today. They’ve been worse, though. As for the planks, I flopped pretty hard unfortunately. I only managed about 30 seconds in the first set, and then less each after. My head probably went a little. I briefly went attempted a set of bodyweight Tabata planks, but I bailed only a few phases in. Weak! Bad times.

Hahaha! You have to set the bar high to fail. Failing spectacularly is great. Now it gives you as goal. I’ll be honest, 45sec for 20kg after 68kg crunches would probably see me fail. Out of interest, does your hip hurt here? This is a pretty heavy weight to plank and the hip flexors may be niggling here. Just a thought.

Well done though, pleased with this. Your abs must be pretty strong now. Again, what a progression from 12months ago.

So not the best ending to a less than spectacular session, unfortunately. I’ve had a lot worse, though. It’s done. Time to move on.

Good mindset, and not as bad as you think. I’m pleased.

Day 77 – Rest


The final week awaits…

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