Ray’s Cutting Diary – Week 9

Dumbbell Rack

Welcome to week nine, and the start of a fresh microcycle. We’re leaving the intense 20 rep structure behind, and moving on to a three session rotation:

  • Session 1 – Chest/Back/Shoulders/Calves
  • Session 2 – Legs/Abs
  • Session 3 – Biceps/Triceps/Calves

For the first week of this cycle I’ll be working with a 12-15 rep range, but this will reduce each week. I’ll also be sprinkling in some additional CV work at the end of select sessions. And finally, my macros have dropped to account for the change in weight I’ve experienced over the past eight weeks. And finally finally, I’m going with a 3010 tempo!

Day 57 – Chest/Back/Shoulders/Calves


Wide-grip lat pulldown into pushups (12-15 reps, 4 sets)

Wasn’t sure what weight to go with here, so I started with 52kg for the pulldowns. That proved a bit much, though, so after 6 reps I pulled it short and dropsetted the remaining 9 reps with 32kg. I stayed with this weight for remaining sets, hitting 15 reps, 12 reps and then 12 reps again. In between I managed 11, 10 and 8 pushups. Pretty happy with this superset, although I’d prefer to use the other pulldown machine which has a smoother action.

Good start, it’s great that you know your body and training well enough now to tinker like this mid-set. 

Seated cable rows into standing military press (12-15 reps, 4 sets)

I opted for 32kg on the rows, and this turned out to be a decent selection. I hitup 15 reps to start with, but this diminished to 13 and then a couple of 12s. In between I used a 15kg barbell to squeeze out 15 military presses, and then a few 12s before needing a rest pause in the final set. Quite a full collection of reps here, so good times on the weight selection.

Again, good to see you know you usual weights. This is useful if travelling or forced to use a different gym. Well done mate.

Incline dumbbell flyes into reverse flyes (12-15 reps, 3 sets)

I started with 14kg for the dumbbell flyes, and although I did hit the rep range with 12 reps, I just felt it was a shade too intense, so I dropped it down to 12kg for the next two sets (and again hit 12 reps each time). In between I went with just 4kg for the reverse flyes. This sounds really light, and of course I hit the range each time, but it still burned a fair bit. I’ve been a bit shaky with this exercise over the weeks, so I didn’t feel too bad about starting off really light and just trying to hit the muscles properly. And I did – keeping that pinky high, as per Sean’s advice!

I never lift heavy with reverse flyes. To really squeeze the right muscle you must be light. Heavy and you just can’t lift it. Had I been selecting your weight I would’ve said around the same. Good work on the chest flyes too. Good number and a fair weight. Again, well done of the re-calibration mid-set.

Cable crossover into cable lateral raise (12-15 reps, 3 sets)

18kg proved a good selection for the crossovers, hitting the top of the range for the first two sets before falling just shy in the third. In between I started with 14kg for the lateral raises, but I fell short in the first set at just 8 reps, so I dropped it down to 9kg for the remaining sets. I hit the range to start with, but needed a couple of pauses at the end as my shoulders were tiring.

Definitely an ambitious start with 14kg on the lat raises, so good man for not letting the ego in and dropping to 9kg. Sounds like a good superset overall. Well done.

Dumbbell shrug into decline dumbbell bench press (12-15 reps, 3 sets)

Got to be honest, I’ve never really been sure about shrugging with dumbbells. Today I went with 26kg and hit 15 reps each time. At my old gym I ended up either using the standing calf raise machine or smith machine for my shrugs. In between this I started with 12kg and then moved up to 14kg for my decline presses. The hardest part was getting into position without tipping the bench over. Once there I hit the top end of the range for the first two sets before working to the low-end in the last set. I maybe could have gone heavier here, but I was being a bit cautious given that I had no spotter, and haven’t done it when working to a Calorie deficit before.

Always best to be cautious when doing an exercise for the first time in a while. The good thing with DBs as opposed to a BB is that you can just drop the weights to the side if everything is going wrong: don’t be afraid to do that. Personally, I prefer shrugging with DBs. You’ll get used to it, it’s good for you to work unilaterally for a few exercises as a lot of work has been bilateral on the shoulders.

Leg press calf raise (12-15 reps, 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out)

The machine was taken, as was my first alternative, so for the first set I used an Olympic bar with 60kg loaded and worked up to 12 reps. I would have done more, but I pulled the set short as I saw the leg press become available.

It’s been a while since I’ve used this, so I started at 100kg for 15 reps, and then moved up to 120kg for the final two sets. Again, I hit the top end. I’ll be upping the weight in due course.

Wow! Good load Ray. Sounds like some full reps as well. Strong.

Overall a pretty good first session! I think my weight selection was decent, as I hit today’s marks and also have somewhere left to go when I do this session again later in the week. I’ll be upping the weights across the board!

I’d agree. The first one of a new cycle is always hard to gauge, but this sounds promising. As you say, the programme states that for the same rep ranges use a heavier weight next set. Obviously be sensible and only do so if safe, but where possible, go for it.

Special note to my post-workout shake. To accommodate the reduction in my macros I devised two simple changes to basically take care of everything. The first was to stop taking any whey with my water pre-workout; easy. But the second was to swap my milk for water with the post-workout shake. A big shout, and a real penalty shootout moment when I came to take the first sip. Thankfully it tasted not just palatable, but good! The diet is sorted on the very first day. That’s what you call a slam dunk, folks!

Hahaha! Well done. I NEVER have milk with my shakes so not sure what this “penalty shootout” moment would feel like. I would advise anyone though, use less water than you think and the shake is thicker and hence more palatable. Or, blend with a banana for carbs and vitamins – also makes it taste pretty good.

Day 58 – Legs/Abs


Looking forward to this, with the new microcycle bringing a fresh set of exercises.

Leg press into straight leg dumbbell deadlift (12-15 reps, 4 sets)

It’s been a fair old while since I’ve done the leg press. Here I had to use the seated machine, as we don’t have the regular machine where you sit back at an angle. I started with 86kg and hit the top of the range for the first three sets, each time adjusting the seat slightly to find my preference. I then moved up to 93kg for the final set and again hit the top end of the range. When I do legs again on Saturday, I’ll probably attempt the whole set at 100kg and see how I get on.

Good start. If you completed 15reps at the desired tempo with 93kg then yes, jump up to 100kg.

In between I used 14kg dumbbells for the deadlifts. They might have been a touch too heavy, and I found my form alternating a little with some reps being more like Romanian deadlifts in truth. Still, the hamstrings got a good stretching here. It’s a difficult combination, actually.

It’s meant to favour the hamstrings. Get them firing so you can feel them being asked to work on the leg press. Hopefully you felt that. When performing the straight leg DL, try to squeeze the hamstrings when returning upright to get a good mind-muscle map going.

Goblet squat into seated leg curls (12-15 reps, 4 sets)

18kg for the goblet squat; it’s an exercise I’ve done before but never felt like I truly got to grips with it. So I’m happy to bring it back for the next four weeks. I’ll get a good go at cracking it. Today it was difficult; I hit the high-end to start with, then the low-end for a couple of sets, before needing a rest pause in the final set. Always trying to lower myself with the right tempo 3010 and squeeze those glutes at the top, but it was tough.

Sounds like you gave it a good go. A tip here is to imagine a bench/box or even the toilet behind you and sit back onto it keeping the torso upright. This should fire the glutes nicely.

For the seated leg curls I went with 59kg and hit the low-end for the first two sets before needing rest pauses for the second two. I found it really difficult to keep the tempo consistent, slowly lowering the weight through the burn. I maybe should have started at 52kg today and moved up to 59kg at the weekend. Still; another intense superset.

I’d say that’s quite heavy for the leg curls, so well done for completing the reps. Perhaps stick with this for Saturday.

Leg extensions into Barbell squats (12-15 reps, 3 sets)

The leg extensions were tough at 32kg; again the tempo was shaky as it’s tough to lower it slowly when your legs are burning. In between I used just a 12.5kg fixed barbell for the squats. This kind of seems like nothing at all on paper, and in fact the light weight meant my form was perhaps a tad inconsistent (with no weight to ‘frame’ my movement). But surprisingly the final five reps of each set got progressively difficult each time, with the cumulative leg burn taking effect.

I would suggest that both weights were on the light side. If you are leg curling 59kg I would expect your leg ext to be up near that. Most people actually find they can lift more with the quads (leg ext) than the hamstrings (leg curl). As for the squats. As you can squat 70kg plus, for this you should be around 25-30kg. At least 20kg.

Dumbbell walking lunges into dumbbell jump squats (12-15 reps, 3 sets)

10kg dumbbells for the lunges, and they were tough! I hit the low-end of the range each time. I’d take six steps one way, then return and do it again for 24 steps (12 reps each leg) in total. The final six steps were always tough, and I felt a touch light-headed at the end. Great exercise!

Certainly fires up the heart rate, hence the light-headedness. Just watch that, we don’t want you fainting. If necessary, get some sugars in before training.

In between I tried to stick with the 10kg dumbbells for jump squats, but it just wasn’t happening. 4 reps in the first set, 3 in the second. Obviously nowhere near the 12-15 rep range. I swapped them out for a 10kg barbell in the final set, but again only managed three reps. So I ditched that and went with pure bodyweight for 4 reps, then paused, then did another 4 reps. A bit messy, sadly! I’ll need to figure out a plan to put something better together for the weekend.

Stick with the 10kg DBs and jump squats until you fail, put them down and finish the reps with bodyweight.

Cable crunch into weight plank (12-15 reps / 30secs, 3 sets)

59kg for the crunches and I hit the range each time, but needed a rest pause in the final set (although I did use the pause to push on to the top end of the range). In between I couldn’t find the plate I wanted to start with, so the first plank was actually unweighted; thereafter I used a 15kg plate.

Good man, I suspect you’ll get some nice ab DOMS from this; it’s actually a little harder than it sounds on paper. Pleased with the 59kg and 15kg choices as well. Tough choices, but should work you hard.

Overall a pretty good session! Not sure I’ll be able to up the weights across the board for Saturday as planned, but it’s nice to have some new challenges on leg day to keep things fresh and interesting. Those dumbbell lunges, though!

Lol. Glad you enjoyed it. Up the weights where you can, if you don’t up them and hit 15reps for the first couple of sets, then take the hint and up them.

Day 59 – Arms/Calves


Chin-ups into dips (to failure, 4 sets)

I was excited to get going with this, as it’s a combo of two exercises I really like to do. Sadly, I didn’t get many reps out, starting with 6 a piece before dropping to 5, then 4, and then back up to 5 after a slightly extended rest. I wanted to get more out, especially with the chin-ups, but I was counting the tempo and doing it properly so it is what it is!

I’m happy with those numbers. This is the king of supersets. I love it, glad you were keen. Just keep trying to work at it.

Incline dumbbell curl into standing dumbbell triceps extension (12-15 reps / 3 sets)

This was supposed to be third in the line-up, but I had to switch things up due to busy machines. This caused a momentary escape of the Sulk Monster as I don’t like having to reorder things. I went with 10kg for the dumbbell curls and actually found that really cheeky. I hit the low-end of the range for the first two sets before needing a rest pause in the third. Occasionally I kind of cheat a little by lifting my head/shoulders/chest forward. The proper form is to remain back against the incline bench, of course.

Yes, proper form is keeping the back against the bench. However, 10kg for this exercise is certainly cheeky. Well done! Hopefully some DOMS caused there as it isolates the biceps so well.

In between I went with 16kg for the overhead triceps extension, and it wasn’t bad. I hit the low-end twice and then, like above, needed a rest pause in the third set. Full disclosure, this could have been better but I was sulking a little after the unforeseen reordering. Childish, I know!

Hahaha! We’ve all been there. In truth, this was your first time through this session, so the order isn’t too relevant (other than dips and pull-ups needed to be first) so you could just stick to this order for continuity now.

Cable curl into Triceps pushdown (rope) (12-15 reps / 4 sets)

Finally, a free cable to get to work! I used 27kg and 36kg for the first two sets and hit the range each time, but then dropped to 23kg and 32kg respectively as I didn’t feel I was doing well enough with the squeezing of the muscles. Not a bad superset, but not quite as good as it should have been. Still, the cable curls are always decent.

Sounds like a good set and sensible decision. Well done.

Close-grip bench press into barbell curl (12-15 reps / 3 sets)

20kg for the bench presses saw me hit the top end of the range each time. I’ll definitely need to go up a level next time. I tried to stick with 20kg for the curls but it was too much, so I dropped to 10kg and hit the low-end each time. I couldn’t get going with the squeezes, sadly. My arms were running out of gas.

This is a hard session on the arms; small muscles and a lot of volume, hence we only do it once compared to twice for the other sessions per week. Good efforts on the weights. I’d agree, more on the presses.

EZ bar curl into Lying triceps press (12-15 reps / 3 sets)

I loaded some small plates onto an EZ bar for a 15kg total and used this for both exercises. I hit the ranges for the first two sets and then used rest pauses in the third set to ensure I hit the top end of the ranges. This wasn’t the best, in truth. Running low on energy, and I never really managed to keep the intensity as high as I should have.

If this continues, we may want to drop a set on the 4sets of cable work to leave a little more in the tank for later exercises. 

Leg press calf raise (12-15 reps, 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out)

This was supposed to be the seated calf raise today, but the machine was taken and I didn’t fancy waiting around. I stick the pin at 120kg for all four sets, hitting the top of the range for the first three but falling short at the end. My hamstrings have DOMs today, so I wasn’t too concerned about pushing the weight heavier than it was earlier in the week.

Sounds good to me. Nice to hear the hamstring had worked after yesterday.

Chin-ups into diamond push-ups (to failure, 2 sets)

Not on the programme, but I threw this in to try to finish my arms off after not being total happy with what I’d already done. Just a small handful of reps for each exercise separated by a 30 second rest. So not a lot, but better than nothing.

Well done. Good little combo.

Overall not a bad session but not the best; I’ll be looking to really smash it next time around!

I think this sounds like a great session. Well worked throughout, good weight choices. Well done Ray, chin up.

Day 60 – Rest


I don’t want to go into too much detail, but today I had a fight with a cheesecake and the cheesecake won…

Rats! A rare slip up. I found myself really hungry all day, and my mood gradually dropped to the point where I gratefully gobbled the cheesecake in the evening. To be fair I did ‘make up for it’ by removing the milk from my nighttime casein shake in favour of water. So macro wise it didn’t actually turn out too badly at all. But I know I shouldn’t make a habit of sneaking in treats like that on a low carb day. That’s what high carb days are for, ya eejit!

I think we often look at the physiques of boxers, MMA athletes etc, and think that what they do is all about training. Actually, a lot of it is about willpower. It sounds like you used the IIFYM (If It Fit Your Macros) theory to full effect. Just remember that although the Calories might be equal, chances are the goodness is far better in whole milk than processed cheesecake! Ok once in a while, but as you say, best left for high days.

Day 61 – Chest/Back/Shoulders/Calves


Time to tackle this session again, with the aim being to up the weights across the board and still hit the 12-15 rep range.

Wide-grip lat pulldown into pushups (12-15 reps, 4 sets)

Earlier in the week I settled on 32kg, so today I pushed that up to 39kg. I started off by hitting the high-end of the range, but this dropped to the low-end, and in the final set I needed a rest pause to hit the low-end. In truth not the best set; the squeezes weren’t amazing, but I tried my best to keep lowering the weight in time with the 3010 tempo. And that went okay.

In between this I managed 10 pushups for the first three sets, but this dropped to 7 in the final set. In hindsight I wish I’d tagged on a rest pause like I usually do. Not sure why I didn’t this time around! (Edit: I remember now. Nature called…)

Hahaha. Sounds like a good start to me. Good effort on the 39kg for the 12-15reps, and great work on the press-ups. Good numbers mate. Pleased with this start.

Seated cable rows into dumbbell shoulder press (12-15 reps, 4 sets)

32kg for the rows last time, so today I moved this up half a notch to 34.3kg. I hit the high-end to start with, but again this gradually decreased and I used a rest pause in the final set. Reasonably happy with my output overall; not spectacular, but decent.

On Monday I supersetted the rows with a standing military press, but today I exchanged that for standing dumbbell shoulder press instead (as Sean originally intended). I went for 10kg dumbbells, and it was pretty challenging. It’s a lot tougher than the seated version, and I actually only managed to hit the range in the first set; thereafter I needed rest pauses. In hindsight I should have opted for lighter weights. Live and learn….

Both exercises sound good to me. Good work Ray. Often the DB version of an exercise is harder as the limbs have to work independently. Don’t forget about the effect of the previous exercise and added weight too.

Incline dumbbell flyes into reverse flyes (12-15 reps, 3 sets)

Up from 12kg to 14kg for the dumbbell flyes, and I hit the low-end of the range for the first two sets before rest pausing to the finish line in the final set. It’s a really intense exercise, but I find that even when things feel really heavy and tough in the first few reps, I can actually keep going for quite a while before the weights don’t come back up. For the reverse flyes I moved up from 4kg to 6kg and actually did okay with it. A rest pause required in the final set again, and I’d say the squeezes weren’t quite as thorough as they were with 4kg (as you’d expect, I guess), but it was still decent. The tempo was all over the place, though.

Sounds like a couple of good sets. Shame about the tempo for the reverse flyes. If you think about it though, 4kg to 6kg is a huge 50% increase. Not ideal, but no other choice really. Bearing this in mind, for future weeks, it may be worth grabbing 2 sets of DBs for this and dropping back to the lighter weights when failure hits.

Cable crossover into cable lateral raise (12-15 reps, 3 sets)

From 18kg up to 23kg today, and I think the jump was slightly too much – but the cables are set up such that I can’t actually add a mini weight to go halfway. I hit the low-end in the first set, but had to rest pause after 9 reps in the second set, and the third set split into 6 reps, rest, 3 reps, rest, 3 reps. So not ideal; still a reasonable set, but not as complete as hoped.

As above. Try to up the weight for the first set from here on in; if it’s too much, then take back down for subsequent set(s).

I stuck to 9kg for the cable lateral raises, and these too descended into pauses to get through them. My right shoulder seemed to have a lot more gas in the tank than me left, though. Interesting…

Could be a little imbalance showing its head. The DB overhead presses will have ensured the shoulders work independently. Good to know and good to work unilaterally for a bit.

Dumbbell shrug into decline dumbbell bench press (12-15 reps, 3 sets)

Up to 28kg for the shrugs, and I hit the range each time. It felt a better set today, in truth. So that’s good. I moved up from 14kg to 16kg for the decline presses, and managed to hit the range each time (albeit with a little rest pause help in the final set). I’m happy to cautiously work my way up with the decline presses. At this weight I can handle it myself, but getting into position will be a bit more perilous once I hit the 20s I reckon.

Good work Ray. Pleased with both of these. And as you say, take it up slowly. No need to rush as the “gains” will be truer if gained slowly anyway.

Calf press (12-15 reps, 2 sets toes in, 2 sets toes out)

The leg press was taken so I hopped onto the calf press instead, and worked through four unspectacular sets. I built up the weight throughout, and threw on an extra set (with toes in the regular position) at the end, but unfortunately this was a little coasty.

Always a problem when using a piece of kit you aren’t used to. At least you’ll know for next time.

Tabata Sprints

Time to throw in a little CV, and I had three options to choose from:

  • Tabata sprints
  • 1min fast, 30sec rest x 5
  • 30sec fast, 30sec rest x 10

I decided to go for the one I was looking forward to the least. Turned out this was a marginal call, but in the end I opted for the Tabatas. I couldn’t remember what I’d done last time, so I decided to just run it at 20kph with a 2% incline. I hadn’t done CV with the new lowered macros yet, and my hamstrings are still slightly sore. So I thought I’d just hit that up and see how it went. And it wasn’t too bad, really. I completed it reasonably comfortably, although soon after I finished it was like my body caught up and remembered it needed a lot more oxygen.

You didn’t mention it so I’ll just confirm you warmed up with a little jog and dynamic stretches first? If the hamstrings are tight and you jump into Tabatas – even in your early 20s – you could be asking for trouble.

Well done though. Tabata at 20kph and 2% is a good shout. Impressed Ray. Keep it up.

Overall a decent session. I wanted to increase the weights and still hit the ranges, and I managed it quite well. Happy with the shoulder output too, as my shoulders were actually already feeling DOMs for some reason. They snuck in out of nowhere, but didn’t damage the session. Good times…

Day 62 – Legs/Abs


Another early Saturday leg session…

Leg press into straight leg dumbbell deadlift (12-15 reps, 4 sets)

Up to 100kg for the leg press today, and I managed to hit the top end of the range on each set. It was tough, though. And admittedly, I struggled with the 3010 tempo. Not so much the 3 second eccentric phase, but keeping things moving like a metronome. I wasn’t shy about pausing at the top of the movement. And that’s kinda cheating, really.

It’s a trade off isn’t it? Too heavy and it’s so hard to keep things moving like a little piston. Too light and it’s easy to keep tempo but the eccentric phase is a little too easy. It’s a case of forcing yourself into the down phase without taking a pause. See how many reps you can do at 100kg before you cheat, then try to progress that.

I stuck at 14kg for the dumbbell deadlifts in between, and worked to the low-end each time, save for a required rest pause in the last set. Still not sure I’m nailing the form here. I don’t think I’m going to hurt myself per se, but I think I’m performing some strange hybrid of straight-leg and Romanian. Still, I do think it was better today than earlier in the week.

I doubt you are the most flexible man in the gym. No offence, but it doesn’t seem like your thing. As long as the back is straight and shoulders kept back (so middle back can’t round) you should be fine. Try to drive down through the heels and squeeze hamstrings and glutes. Any niggles in the back, stop and let’s chat via FaceTime about this exercise.

Goblet squat into seated leg curls (12-15 reps, 4 sets)

From 18kg up to 20kg for the goblet squats, and they were tough. I hit the range to start with, but needed rest pauses in the last two sets. My arms and shoulders were feeling the strain as much as my legs, in truth. For the curls I stuck to 59kg, but this time I felt that the tempo was a lot more controlled and consistent overall. A better superset than earlier in the week, but I still want to do better at the goblet squats.

It’s a bit harsh having the goblets the day after such a tough shoulder routine. Ideally we wouldn’t do this, or we’d choose a different leg exercise. For those reading this that don’t know, there were many factors in choosing the order of Ray’s training. This was on the lowest of priorities! 

If the fatigue to the shoulders is what is causing the goblets to fail, let’s look at an alternative.

Good job otherwise Ray.

Leg extensions into Barbell squats (12-15 reps, 3 sets)

I jumped up to 45kg for the leg extensions and hit the top end of the range, but then immediately realised that I’d paid practically no attention to the tempo. So that was naff. For the next two sets I dropped down to 41.3 and concentrated on getting it right. And I did alright. Not spectacular, but I got through it. This kind of shows me that earlier on in the week the weight I picked for this (32kg) was too light. Perhaps I was still trapped in high reps / low weight mode from the recent 20 reps protocol.

Possibly true. I think it is easy to get caught in the previous programme. For example if I gave you are 10×0 tempo next, you’d struggle to do it at first, finding yourself slowing to 3010 naturally. Well done for working around it today though. 40kg plus sounds far more realistic.

In between I again took a jump up from 12.5kg to 20kg for the barbell squats. Although I hit the range each time, I did pause at the top a little bit with some of the latter reps. It’s not a lot of weight at all, but I still don’t find it that easy after the extensions.

Then it’s working! Much, much better weight.

Dumbbell walking lunges into dumbbell jump squats (12-15 reps, 3 sets)

From 10kg up to 12kg for the lunges, and man I felt it. It’s a surprisingly intense exercise. Again I worked only to the low-end of the range, with a little bit of mini pausing – and a proper rest pause near the end of the third set. Difficult – but good.

Good work.

In between I used 5kg dumbbells for jump squats, and for each set I would work to failure (which turned out to be just 5-7 reps in), before dumping the weights and working to hit the range with just bodyweight. This was better than last time, for sure.

Excellent. Again, good job. Sound like you’re working hard.

Cable crunch into weight plank (12-15 reps / 30secs, 3 sets)

I stayed at 59kg for the crunches, but after the first set (where I hit the low-end) I decided to split them into 6 reps, pause, 6 reps. My goal was to really concentrate on sucking in the belly button and tensing the abs throughout the movements. I think it went well. Abs are a deceiving body part, I think, in that you can do the exercises and have them be tough and intense without really actually working your abs properly. I’m probably guilty of that.

Good effort. Sounds like the mind-muscle map between abs and brain needs working on. By the sounds of it this started to sort it out.

In between I used a 15kg plate for 30 second planks, and again really tried to concentrate on keeping my core super tight (and pushing my arms/toes into the ground). It was good.

Good man. Perfect way to make it harder. If it still doesn’t do the job, walk the toes back a little so your shoulder is no longer above your elbow, but the elbow is marginally forward of shoulder. Makes it a little harder.

Overall a solid leg session – better than the first one, and that’s good times for me. Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of my high-carb day. I’m planning some fun food in the evening, so until then I’m going to keep it as clean as possible…

Good session Ray. Very pleased. Keep this up for the next few weeks.

Day 63 – Rest


Flexible dieting at work. We’re having a fry up…

Hahaha! IIFYM…

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