German Volume Training

GVT - German Volume Training
Ordered, logical, progressive and great results. What else would you expect from the Germans?

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What do you get in the German Volume Training eBook?

My personal favourite of any programme I have tried. A simple yet tough programme that makes it easy to ensure progression from week to week, which is often the missing element to people’s gym training.

Utilised by athletes in the off-season to add muscle and strength, this programme has been proven time and time again to work its magic through the simple 10sets of 10reps routine.

It is highly suited to beginners who want to practice certain lifts and add weight each week, but equally as suited to intermediates or experienced trainees wanting to take their training to the next level. Suitable for male or female trainees who want to see some results and push their limits.

Don’t forget nutrition!

For best results, we recommend coupling this programme with a sound nutrition strategy suited to your goals. Sean’s ebook, The Ration Pack Diet, is a complete guide to nutrition for anyone wanting an easy to follow yet effective plan to lose body fat, gain muscle, increase sports performance or simply improve health. It has everything you need to set you on the path to success.


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