February 22, 2017In NutritionBy Sean Lerwill7 Minutes

As some readers will know, my venture into the civilian fitness industry started by writing books. My first book, Royal Marines Fitness, A Physical Training Manual, was published by Haynes in 2010. It wasn’t long after that I left the Royal Marines (I was still a serving RM when I wrote that book for the MoD) to write more books and try my luck in the fitness industry.


My personal journey has taken me into professional sports modelling, managing a top health club in the centre of London, redesigning gyms, personal training/coaching and of course writing more books for Haynes and other publishers. In the last 18months, in an attempt to reach more people, I have concentrated on writing my own ebooks. Without a huge publisher to hire a PR company to advertise these books, I rely on word of mouth and of course social media.

I have a love hate relationship with social media. Too much of it is false and fake. So many “successful” fitness influencers (whoever came up with that term should be… nevermind) have paid for followers to appear succesful, it can be frustrating seeing other people, who are truly knowledgable and worth listening to getting left behind. Still, I do my bit and put information out there, hoping that the odd person who really needs some honest, down to earth and affordable fitness information may stumble across my work.

Time to start that diet

I receive the odd message saying how one of my books has helped someone. These are always a welcome to my inbox, as the majority of messages are from people wanting some form of advice or programme for free. Anyway, I recently received a message from someone and for me, it made writing my nutrition book worthwhile.


The following is what this young man said about my book, The Ration Pack Diet. A nutrition book aimed at educating someone to enable them to take control of their own diet forever.

Here is what he said:

This is an excellent book for anyone who wishes to lose weight, gain weight or just eat healthier. It doesn’t just throw a diet program at you and tells you follow it for 8 weeks and you will lose 5 kg but instead it gives you all the information you need about nutrition and exercise, without baffling on or being too complicated to understand, to be able to constructed and tailor your own diet plan which is convenient for you. The book also explains through a lot of common myths about dieting and why they are myths which helps you to not waste your time and effort. Lastly the book gives 3 three ways to improve your diet to reach your goal, the first one is simple and easy to stick too the other two require a bit more of time to understand but are more effective.”

He went on to say:

“It’s my dream to be a Royal Marine and have been training now for 3 years but when I started training (at 14 and nine months old) I paid no attention to my diet and put on massive amounts of weight (in fat and muscle), I had been overweight from young age anyway since I was 9 my weight had been the same as my age in stone, I peaked at 16, which really hindered progress especially when running.”

And finally:

“I used what I learned from this book to create a diet program which I did my best to stick to and within a matter of months went from 108kg to 88kg the effects it had on performance were obviously beneficial. I plan on cutting off 5 to 8kg before I apply which will be hopefully soon.”


Writing a book takes time and effort. I’ve written nine now so I know how hard it can be to come up with a plan, stick to it and see it through to the end. Especially if you are trying to earn a living along the way as well. I’ve always been honest and said that I never feel a book is ready. It’s actually very similar to someone losing weight! You can be very proud of what you’ve achieved but you’ll probably still want to improve what you have. Therefore I’m never truly ready to release a book, but there comes a point when you just have to.

Receiving messages like this make all the time and effort worthwhile. I don’t charge the earth for my books. I’ve seen certain “famous” people in the fitness industry or fitness reality TV “stars” put their books out for £30-£60 pounds. I don’t believe that is fair, I also don’t believe the people that really need the help (a teenager – like this example) will ever afford that. I don’t make a fortune from my books, but hopefully I can help people who really need it. If by reading my book those people can avoid lifestyle diseases or achieve a dream (like joining the Marines) then it really does make it all worthwhile.