December 8, 2014In WritingBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Sean Lerwill's Body Transformation ManualWhen I was a kid one of my favourite films was Back to the Future. I’m pretty sure I bought my first skateboard because of that movie. I must have seen it well over 30 times, in fact. I think it may get another outing this Christmas.

What has that got to do with being a writer I hear you ask? Well, there’s a scene at the end of that movie when Marty McFly’s dad George (the changed version who has confidence and is successful) receives a box and inside is his newly published book. I remember that scene. Everyone was so proud and excited; this little cardboard box and inside something he’d worked so hard to achieve; as he says, “Like I’ve always told you, you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” As a published writer, I’ve been lucky enough to experience that; and with my new book hitting the shelves this week, did so again recently.

As a young boy watching Back to the Future, I never could have imagined I would one day receive a box with a book I’d written inside it. I’m lucky enough to have done it four times now! A big thanks to Haynes Manuals my publisher; Kate Braithwaite for her help, support and sports modelling; Tom Miles for his superb photography; and to MaxiNutrition for allowing us to use Protein Project winner Ollie Ward’s photos. Everyone and anyone else involved, thank you.

If you fancy grabbing yourself a copy then head over to Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith or any good book store.

Later this month I might be running a competition giving away a free copy, so watch this space.