Sean has been an ambassador for Maximuscle for a number years. Sean was seen as a unique commodity by Europeʼs number one sports nutrition brand, in that he could provide expertise across a number of areas of the fitness industry: modelling, training, writing and military. Since joining Maxi, Sean has been the face of a number of national and international campaigns, lectured to GSK staff on a number of occasions, travelled throughout Europe promoting the brand and taken part in and won the Protein Project 12 week transformation competition.

Royal Marines

Royal Marines

Sean sees the Royal Marines as where it all began. As the author of the Haynes Guide to Royal Marines Fitness, Sean will always maintain his links to the Corps and to those trying to join the Commando Elite. Sean is always willing to answer tweets from those wanting to join the Marines, and where he can keep in touch with those serving and retired Marines who are still such a huge part of his life. Once a Commando, always a Commando.

Commando Spirit

Commando Spirit

Sean has been an ambassador for Commando Spirit for a number of years, providing health/fitness knowledge and support to those civilians attempting the various “Commando” themed challenges Commando Spirit organises; to help them raise money for Commando charities. Sean is very proud of his Commando background and therefore is equally as proud to be considered as an ambassador alongside the CG, Dermot O’Leary and Lucy Perry.



Sean has a great relationship with Haynes Publishing following the almost impossible task given to him by the Royal Marines to write his first book in just under three months. All 100,000 words. Since then, Sean has had three further fitness books published by Haynes. Haynes and Sean have seen his books translated into Spanish, German, Polish and Chinese to name a few, and his 2010 Royal Marines Fitness book is regarded as the highlight of their 2010 publishing year.

Men's Health

Men’s Health

Sean’s first magazine supplement was for Men’s Health, and his first fitness model jobs (as a shaven headed young man) were for Men’s Health. Since then Sean has had a great working relationship with MH, offering both journalistic and modelling capabilities. In 2014, Sean wrote six months worth of training programmes for Men’s Health readers to follow, and started modelling for the new MH website exercise gifs to illustrate their exercises. If you see a gif of an exercise from Men’s Health it’s 99% going to be Sean every time!

Mens Fitness

Men’s Fitness

Sean has had a good relationship with Menʼs Fitness over the last few years, both as a model and as a writer/advisor. Sean continues to work with MF whenever he can, providing quotes for fitness articles, training programmes, complete articles, cover model shots and in 2014 a complete magbook on military fitness. Sean also put art director Ped Millichamp through a 10 week transformation, not only losing 6kg of body fat and gaining 1kg of muscle during that period, but also helping Ped (a previous newcomer to weight training) overcome ME and embrace a new lifestyle in which fitness training is a day-to-day occurrence.

Mens Running

Men’s Running

Seanʼs first magazine cover was for Menʼs Running. Since then he has done a few more, including the only shirtless cover the magazine has ever done. He has written numerous articles for the publication, including a few for itʼs sister publication Womenʼs Running. He was a county runner as a child, competing nationally on a few occasions. Running is still Sean’s go to choice of cardiovascular training!

snh foto logo

snh Foto

Simon Howard is an ex-model turned professional photographer who is considered one of the top physique photographers in the UK. Published in various publications, including Muscle and Fitness, Sean has teamed up with Simon on a few occasions to take some great photos. Sean is a huge advocate of aiming for something special, so has even used Simon to take photographs of his best transformation clients.