August 1, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Yesterday I was aiming to hit the gym, but my day took a bit of a detour so I was left with a session at home. Not one to make it easy, I decided to do a back session as the pull-up bar and kettlebell meant I could still work hard.

The session looked like this:

Warm-up. mobility of the upper body.

  1. Chin-ups (under grasp). 10reps. 5sets. 3030.
  2. GVT single arm row. 10reps. 10sets. 3030.
  3. Chin-ups (inward grasp. 10reps. 5sets. 3030

The session seemed easy on paper. It wasn’t. Maybe it was the biceps from a couple of days ago, or simply the strict 60sec rest and the slow tempo, but I struggled toward the end of the GVT and the last 2-3sets of chin-ups!