August 7, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Yesterday my day got a little messed up as two clients needed to change their session times. It meant I had to train between them rather than after. This meant I was a little more pushed for time than I normally I am. Instead of the normal 60mins I give myself for a session, I only had 45-50mins. However, I’ve just moved into a phase of Gironda’s 8×8, and for anyone who knows this style of training, you only have 30seconds rest between the sets, meaning the whole session can be done much faster than a normal 10-12reps with 60-90secs rest. What this does mean, though, is that much lighter weights than normal need to be lifted.

The session looked like this:

Warm-up: mobility and 3sets 10reps 3030 pull-ups.

  1. Seated cable row. 8sets, 8reps, 30secs rest. 3030
  2. Preacher EZ curl. 8sets, 8reps, 30secs rest. 3030
  3. Lat pull down. 8sets, 8reps, 30secs rest. 3030
  4. Dumbbell hammer preacher curl. 8sets, 8reps, 30secs rest. 3030
  5. Seated machine row. 8sets, 8reps, 30secs rest. 3030

The DOMS had already arrived this morning in the biceps and the lats are creeping in.

I really enjoy the 8×8 training with such light weights, slow controlled tempo and short rests. I’ve never been a fan of heavy weights: benching or curling a huge wieght has never impressed me, yet performing 100 slow and controlled press-ups or 25 slow and controlled chin-ups is for me a real test of endurance, both muscular and mental; as when that lactic burn kicks in it really does sting!