July 31, 2014In Sean's SessionsBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

With the sun shining brightly I decided to train at home in the garden. With only a light selection of weights, I decided a high volume biceps session would be a good way to spend an hour while Kate used the same weights for push press, single arm snatches and other all over body moves.

My session looked like:

Warm-up: mobilisation at the elbow. Light db curls up to working weight.

  1. Biceps dumbbell Zottman curl. 15reps. 3030 tempo. 5sets.
  2. Biceps hammer curls. 15reps. 3030 tempo. 5sets.
  3. Biceps inner biceps curl. 15reps. 3030 tempo. 5sets.
  4. Concentration curls. 8-10reps (each arm). 3030 tempo. 5sets.

As always the slow tempo at this rep range was agony. The inner curls and concentration curls were agony once the preceding exercises had pre-fatigued them!

30th July was an active rest day, so prior to a client I spent 25mins destroying my calves. I certainly felt it this morning when I joined Kate on her morning LISS run around the park. GVT is a great tool for any muscle, but with the calves able to take a lot of volume and a lot of weight due to their normal everyday function I find it’s a great way of really testing them every now and then.

The session looked like:

Warm-up: light calf raises up to working weight.

  1. GVT seated calf raise. 10sets. 3030. 10reps (short rests of 30seconds)
  2. Leg press calf raise. 3 sets. 3030. 12-15reps. Last set drops sets (20% drop) x 2 to failure.