Pass The PRMC – 2019 Update

Pass the PRMC

Today is the launch of the new updated version of my Pass the PRMC ebook. After so many positive messages from people who have utilised the advice and training programme since its first release, it has remained pretty much untouched for the last couple of years. However, having spoken to the PTI Corporal last responsible…

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Q: any advice on how to build self-belief and self-confidence?

Self-belief and Self-confidence This is a really interesting question and one that I think more people would like to know the answer to than would admit. The social media fuelled world we live in we all see far too many “perfect” people with “perfect lives”. What we can’t always see for ourselves is that these…

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One word for 2019 fatloss/fitness seekers.

Sean Lerwill Female Training

Health and Fitness Fitness is a big part of my life and always will be, whether it’s helping and advising others through social media and books, or training myself, I can’t see that changing. I personally enjoy eating well, training hard and setting new goals to see what I can achieve. By doing this I…

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