July 12, 2014In Fitness ModellingBy Sean Lerwill4 Minutes

As some of you will know, I have done a few bodypaint modelling jobs this year.Sean Lerwill bodypaint modelling as Captain America

In February while Kate and I were in California, I was lucky enough to be painted by world-renowned bodypainter Pashur. The job involved being painted over 4-5hrs as Marvel superhero Captain America. Pashur is an absolute genius. His attention to detail is second to none; with dirty folds of the gloves and boots added and metallic airbrushing colours added on top of the whole body paint to make the whole effect next level. I must admit, I really didn’t want to shower at the end of the process. I’m sure you’ll all agree the finished images are incredible as seen in this picture.

A few weeks ago I was Sean Lerwill bodypaint modellinglucky enough to be Crown Brushes model of choice, under the awesome Zoe Newlove to be painted as part of a live demo on their stand at IMATS. Zoe was aided by the dazzlingly talented Lauren and Danielle and between them they turned me into a mishmash of Marvel superheroes Capt America (there’s a theme here!), Hulk, Quicksilver and Ironman. You’ll agree, the girls are so talented. I couldn’t even draw on a piece of paper what they managed to paint on my body. It was a privilege to work with the girls, represent Crown and of course be another Marvel suSean Lerwill bodypaint modellingperhero – or collection of!

The second day of IMATS saw Zoe and the team choose a completely different theme: with a general idea of what they were creating, but far less specific than the day before, they set out turning me into a living work of art. It really was a live demonstration as the team set about freehanding what become an amazing bodypaint design as seen in the photograph here.

Anyway, next week I have two more bodypaint jobs lined up. The first will be similar to the second of Zoe’s pieces: an arty/editorial style paint job, whereas the second will be a large tattoo by bodypainter/graffiti artist Mr. Shiz – I don’t have any tattoos so it will be amazing to have a large tattoo then have photos taken in quite an editorial setting to add to the portfolio.

All this work is a lifetime away from my job as a Royal Marines Commando – however, it still requires some of the same discipline and work ethic. I have to stay in peak physical condition so these artists get the best possible canvas. I need to stay still and on my feet for hours at a time, just like a Marine on parade or in an ambush. I’m not saying this job is at all comparable, I’m saying some of my previously learned skills make it far easier for me to do what is required. Looking forward to this weeks jobs, I’ll post some pics as soon as I have them.