June 10, 2012In LifestyleBy Sean Lerwill2 Minutes

Sean Lerwill and Russell Smith at the Maximuscle stand, BodyPower 2012.

I’ll be totally honest, I’ve been way too busy writing my latest Haynes Manual (Triathlon – due out in 2013) to be posting on my site regularly, to the point that I missed a few posts required after BodyPower 2o12.

Firstly, it was great to be a part of the Maximuscle stand, joining all the Maximuscle staff and a few of the other brand ambassadors like Andre Winner, Dean Amasinger, Greg Rutherford, Paul Daley, Scott Baptie, Adrian James, Matt Buck and a few others I’ve probably forgotten (sorry!).

Maxi actually had two stands: Maxiraw and Maximuscle and both looked superb. On the Muscle stand we had a bench press competition (see later posts) as well as free product and chats from some of our ambassadors. The pic above shows me with brand manager Russell Smith, a really great guy who has just agreed to undertake my 14 week body transformation programme. We did a one hour session together and he did really well, so I’m looking forward to great things!

Sean Lerwill representing Maximuscle at BodyPower 2012.As usual for a brand like Maxi, they got the people involved and interacting and gave away some great goody bags. What I like best about the brand (there are other good British brands that do this too) was that every ambassador looked lean, fit and athletic, just as Europe’s Leading “Sports” nutrition brand should. Other brands posters and representatives often portrayed the other side of the industry, which I am pleased and proud to say Maxi doesn’t.

Really honoured to have represented Maximuscle at BodyPower 2012, and look forward to doing so again next year and at other events. Team Maximuscle!