September 11, 2013In LifestyleBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

Sean Lerwill as Superman (Credit: snhfoto)It’s been a busy week this week so far and it’s only Wednesday! On finishing the Cyclone Challenge last week and with an active rest week planned, I thought things would be a little quieter. However, Monday I was shooting a Swedish/Danish commercial, Tuesday I was writing my new books, attended an audition at Spotlight and trained some clients. Today I continued writing and shot with Larry Rostant for a book cover. Tomorrow I have another audition at Spotlight before heading to my old school: Wellington in Somerset to give an “inspirational speech” to the 6th formers. On top of all that, Kate and I are trying our best to select a handful of shots from the many, many gems Si Howard snapped of us last week in Richmond like the two shown here. Again, I’m very privileged to be working on so many things and being able to work with the people I do. Thanks to all involved.

Sean Lerwill and Kate Braithwaite (Credit: snhfoto)