August 28, 2011In LifestyleBy Sean Lerwill1 Minutes

The end of the shoot, and we were back in the limo headed to San Fran Airport to leave Cali and make our way back to rainy London. Depressed didn’t even cover it, especially as it was Danielle’s birthday!

We did what any Californian would do…. Headed straight to In’N’Out Burger (after a Starbucks of course!).

Two double, doubles and a cheese burger with three fries all “animal style” were demolished between us.

In N Out Burger with Danielle Hobrook and John O'Grady In'N'Out burger demolished by Sean Lerwill

A text from the UK from Miss Braithwaite reminded us that a non menu burger, “the 4×4” also existed. Not to be outdone, John and I decided we should have one of these too (Animal style of course!)

“Are you sure?” greeted John as he ordered our second round.

If you haven’t tried it, next time you’re in Cali, go to In’N”out burger and ask for whatever you have “animal style”…Just don’t look at the calorie count next to the food!