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One word for 2019 fatloss/fitness seekers.

Sean Lerwill Female Training

Health and Fitness Fitness is a big part of my life and always will be, whether it’s helping and advising others through social media and books, or training myself, I can’t see that changing. I personally enjoy eating well, training hard and setting new goals to see what I can achieve. By doing this I…

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Ten Simple Ways to Lose Fat – #10

sean lerwill how to lose weight

Rather than fight against the current and continue to try to impress on people that in the long run it’s better to concentrate on eating healthily and adding in a sustainable exercise routine, rather than worrying solely about fatloss. I’ve decided to give people what they want and put together Ten Simple Ways to Lose…

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Compete with yourself


On Monday I wrote about giving yourself a break. The idea was simply to get you to see yourself as you would a colleague, friend or even a family member and to mentor and guide yourself when you make mistakes rather than chastise and ridicule. One thing we missed was why we do this. Why…

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Give yourself a break


I bet you give yourself a hard time. Whether it’s work, personal life, fitness or even a course you’ve enrolled on, you’re probably your own biggest critic. The problem is that if you never give yourself a break, you just feel worse and will often end up giving up. Be your own mentor If you…

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Get an early start


By “Get an early start” I do not mean get up before 6am, though for some people that does help with their productivity. For others, it just leaves them reaching for the coffee pot all day. In this case, by “Get an Early Start” I’m talking about starting a goal sooner rather than later. This blog…

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Goal Prioritisation

kate braithwaite maxinutrition

Recently, I’ve had to have a rethink and reshuffle of some of my goals. I’ve been thinking a lot about some of Sean’s previous posts, where he’s talked about goal prioritisation and that the key to success is to be truly honest with yourself. So I’ve been honest with myself, and now I’m going to…

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