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Pancake Day – Protein Pancakes

Sean Lerwill's protein pancakes recipe

Ingredients 4 eggs Protein Scoop of porridge oats 2 Protein Scoops of Soya Milk/Almond Milk/Semi-skimmed milk or cottage cheese for extra protein. 1.5 Protein Scoops of Maximuscle Vanilla (or chocolate/banana/cookies and cream) Promax or Promax Diet Coconut Oil Optional Extras You can add these to add a little more healthy options, but they aren’t crucial….

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Tastiest Maximuscle Smoothies No.1

As part of a healthy balanced diet, smoothies can sometimes be a good way of ingesting quite a few of the necessities we would otherwise bypass. Today, myself and Miss Braithwaite put a new smoothie together which she has called the Green Machine. The contents were: 2 and a half bananas 6 strawberries 1 Promax…

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