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Military Preparation: Running

seanlerwill pass the prmc running run military fitness training

Military and Running go hand in hand One of the common themes across most military application processes is the ability to run. Military preparation, running is most likely involved! We’d expect that for infantry and elite or special forces, but even non-combat roles require a certain level of fitness and surprisingly or not, a running…

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Be a Big Baby

Royal Marines bleep test

We have all heard the stories, the sporting superstars who were told they would never make it but they applied themselves in a way we could never imagine, hitting their 10,000 hours of practice and what do you know, they made it. Thomas Edison’s “thousands” of failed attempts to make the electric light bulb creates…

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Training in Bad Weather – PRMC or otherwise

Outdoor training Urban Commando

The weather today in Devon is atrocious. Heavy rain. Flooding along the river. What we British would describe as wet and miserable. So what do you do if you have a run, cycle, row or other outdoor training session planned? Postpone for a less rainy day? No. Absolutely not. If you are training for a…

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PRMC Nutrition

Royal Marines nutrition

As per my blog post on Monday, my nutrition ebook (The Ration Pack Diet) hit the e-shelves of Amazon this month. A text designed to help anyone eat more healthily and thus lose fat/gain muscle/improve their sports performance. The question I have been asked, is how to eat for PRMC/Military training and is this book suitable….

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