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PRMC – Improving your Bleep Test

Royal Marines bleep test

Along with the 1.5mile run, the bleep test is the only other running only part of the PRMC that you can specifically train for. The assault course and endurance course is just a case of training both endurance and stamina in the round. But for the 1.5miler and the bleep test, you know what is coming…

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Potential Officers’ Course Discussion

Royal Marines Commandos green beret

I was asked recently to make a few videos a little more specific to the POC (Potential Officers’ Course) rather than the PRMC. Over the course of the next few months I’ll make an effort to make a few posts and videos on elements of the best POC and AIB (Admiralty Interview Board) that I believe…

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PRMC – Should you train with weights?

Sean Lerwill's military group

A few people have written to me recently after downloading my Pass The PRMC ebook and asked why the training programme doesn’t include any weight training in the gym and should they add some in. The short answer to the question is that I didn’t want to make training for the PRMC difficult for anyone….

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