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Shoulders – 7th August 2014

Sean Lerwill training outdoors

The second day of the 8×8 style training I’m following saw my shoulders being attacked. Again, my weight selection was very modest, however the short 30seconds rest coupled with a slow tempo of 3030 in which I really concentrated on feeling every rep put my delts under tension meant I was in agony throughout. If…

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Back and biceps – 6th August 2014

Sean Lerwill Men's Health pull-up

Yesterday my day got a little messed up as two clients needed to change their session times. It meant I had to train between them rather than after. This meant I was a little more pushed for time than I normally I am. Instead of the normal 60mins I give myself for a session, I…

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Legs – 3rd August 2014

Sunday I usually train with one of my clients. This week was no different. It was leg day, but a main part of his training is variation so I decided to change it up: lots of volume and a bit of a change in the order of exercises. The session looked like this: Warm-up: light…

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Pushes – 2nd August 2014

Sean Lerwill with Damian Murray (Credit: snhfoto)

A good friend of mine and Kate’s, Damian Murray (as seen in the picture with me) was staying with us as he was attending (my old work colleague) Phil Learney’s Hypertrophy and Contest prep seminars. Damo wanted to train, so although Kate and I had been sports modelling all day for ThatGirl and ThatGuy respectively,…

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Back – 31st July 2014

Sean Lerwill training his back/lats

Yesterday I was aiming to hit the gym, but my day took a bit of a detour so I was left with a session at home. Not one to make it easy, I decided to do a back session as the pull-up bar and kettlebell meant I could still work hard. The session looked like…

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Shoulders and abs – 28th July 2014

Sean Lerwill

After a couple of clients I met Kate after her audition and a make-up test for a modelling job we both have at the weekend. Kate did a bit of an all over upperbody session, whereas I did the following shoulder session. We then both finished with the abs shown at the end. Shoulders: Warm-up:…

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