January 27, 2016In Cat's Fitness DiaryBy Cat Ferrier12 Minutes

Is it week 10? Time has flown by between the international travel, Christmas and New Year and now I’m finally back at home in LA.

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Monday – All Over Weights


First day back at the gym in a while on Monday and it was good. Started on the treadmill for a 10 minute warm-up but no sprints then when I felt like my joints were good and lubed I headed to the weights. Booty kick-backs (on a swanky machine no less!) 3×20 @ 50, chest press 3×15 @15lb dumbbells, 3×15 @60lb barbell deadlifts, assisted pull ups @ 60lbs (small step back but OK with it as it’s been a while since I’ve been at the gym), squats – ha huge fail here! Did one set of 15 with 70lbs, feeling good and got my butt right down then as soon as I’d put my weight down I was so dizzy. I’m talking black spots in my eyes and all the colour draining from my face, I had to stand and hold on to something so I didn’t fall and bang my face on the mirror! SO after that I decided to move calmly away from the squat area (after re-racking my weights of course) and got some water and a seat on a free bench. All was good after a moment or two, phew, so picked up some 12.5lb dumbbells and did bicep curls and should press, then switched to super low weights to do side lateral raises. Finished with abs and stretching.

This is an interesting occurrence and one that many people experience. I often feel a little light-headed during a leg session and Kate will vouch for me making myself a little pale (a whitey as I like to call it) through hard work. However, it is often due to lack of good nutrition. Had you eaten prior to the session? Even just a shake? Was the session first thing and you had skipped breakfast? If the answer is yes, don’t do this! Make sure you eat within an hour of the session, at the very most 2 hours. You want to be able to train hard and complete your session, therefore eating beforehand is imperative for making this achievable. There’s a lot of info about training fasted burning more fat etc. There isn’t really a whole lot of scientific research to back this up. In fact, you are more likely to have a below par session, which in the long run will have more of an affect on your fat burning and muscle building ability. Always fuel before you train, and above all, ALWAYS eat breakfast.

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Tuesday – Day Off


Took a proper day off, literally did nothing and it was glorious! Can definitely feel the muscles I worked yesterday especially my chest and hamstrings – YEY!

Good to hear. You should do. If like a lot of people you took time off over Christmas, then the first few sessions will cause quite a lot of DOMS. Well worked Cat.

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Wednesday – All Over Weights


Feeling great before I even start my workout. Had a protein shake for breakfast and got the recipe from Kate B so I know it’s good and I have tonnes of energy! Bike and elliptical to warm up, quick stretch out then chest press 3×20 at 12.5 – last couple of each set my arms were shaking and I can really feel it, squats 3 x20 at 70b barbell – MUCH better than Monday and completed sets without dizziness and really got my ass to the grass! Over head press 3 x 15 with 12.5 OOOO GIRL the burn! Major shakes, thought I may drop the weights on my head but dug deep and pushed it to complete each set. Deadlifts 3 x 15 at 60 – this also felt good today, took my time and focused on my hamstrings and lower back with good breathing then finished with bent over rows with a 40lb barbell. Sit-ups and reverse crunches and then I placed out!

Wow! Great session. You should be proud of this. Sounds like you pushed to failure throughout. If you do every session like this, your body, mind and overall health will thank you. Nice idea with the shake recipe from Kate B (Kate, let’s get that on the site please). Really pleased with this session Cat, keep it up.

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Thursday – Day off


Dance class/ rehearsal and shoot on my gym day off so it felt good to get moving a do a little cardio and challenge my brain and body a bit after all of the time off.

Just goes to show that you don’t really have days off in your line of work sometimes. It’s not an office job, so unlike many, a rest day is not sitting on your ass. You are moving and (for many) doing more than they do on the cross trainer at the gym. Hence you need to ensure you fuel on these “active rest days” to allow your body to recover from the day before’s training so you can train hard again the next day. Going back to my first point, about fuelling for the gym. It’s important you fuel for your job on these active rest days too.

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Friday – Dance class


Pure Barre class. OOF. I know men aren’t really into this but the workout is insane. Small movements targeting different muscle groups + light weights and resistance bands. You wouldn’t believe the amount of pain 2lb dumb bells can cause! I went in hard at the beginning (like, come at me, bro) so by the end of the class when we got to thighs and booty everything was shaking and there was fire in places I didn’t know had muscles! A nice change of pace from the gym and heavy weights and good to be working out with a group to pumping music.

Always good to mix it up. If you don’t know, I am a firm advocate for “variety is key”. Once your body adapts to one style of training, you have to mix it up and change or your body will have adapted and now plateau. Doing this type of workout along with your main weights training is great.

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Saturday – Day off


I literally cannot walk. I have to climb stairs today? Forget about it. Stretching today? Nope, can’t even touch my toes.

Lol. On days like this, try go for a walk, speeding up as you do and then (if you can) break into a small jog. Once warm, light static stretching may be feasible. BUT, if it’s that bad, don’t, you may pull something. Next time: ice bath after the session.

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Sunday – Day off


I thought I was sore yesterday but this is a bit of a joke. I’m in a world of pain. On the plus side my body is starting to look good and I feel strong. When you work out, especially when trying to lower body fat it feels like you’re putting in so much work and not seeing the results, I realize it’s a marathon and not a sprint and it takes time but sometimes it can be a bit disheartening so today (Sunday) I can see some definition in my lower abs, my arms are looking a little leaner and have some good definition and I can also see changes in my back. Very happy and it’s making me feel enthused to keep hitting the gym and even get back to the torture chamber that is the Pure Barre studio.

Well done Cat. This is inspirational stuff. SO many people drop off and give up before they start seeing the results. I find it hard sometimes to motivate people from a distance and keep them going. If I am face to face with someone, at least I can see the changes. It’s why I try to convince everyone to do photos in their underwear so they can compare week 1 to week 10. I have no doubts you made huge changes, but if it helps; the bigger changes are to come. Your body has only been doing this for 10 weeks, give it another 6-8weeks with the effort you’ve shown this week and I think you’ll be very, very happy. You just have to be aware of one thing: fuel. If you don’t fuel yourself while doing this level of training, you’ll either get ill or injured. Both of which will se you back and even see you go backwards.

I’ve been making some great changes to my diet, I’ve found some great recipes to make my own protein bites, great for when I’m rushing around, trying out some new seasons with veggies and of course Kate’s protein shake which fills me up without being too heavy.

Perfect. What I said above seems unnecessary, but hopefully it will help those reading this.

Top marks this week Cat. Great effort. Keep it up!