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All Over Weights


All over it today! Took a pre workout supplement, had a protein shake for breakfast as I really wasn’t in the mood for anything else – going to have to look for some breakfast ideas and hit the grocery store. In general I’m not a huge breakfast person (unless it’s Sunday brunch and bottomless mimosas are on the cards) but after reading some posts and replies from other people I know it’s about fueling my body for the day and not to indulge and enjoy (unless it’s brunch haha!).

Breakfast is a must and one of my 6 habits you should try to take on when changing to a healthier lifestyle. Also, for anyone wanting to lower bodyfat, we want you to build some muscle which will raise your metabolism (as you are adding metabolic tissue: muscle) and thus help you burn bodyfat. The problem with not eating breakfast is your body needs fuel for whatever you are doing; without it, it will get its fuel form itself. Sadly for us, it doesn’t necessarily use excess fat stores for fuel, often its our proteins. This puts you into a negative protein turnover and can therefore mean you are breaking down muscle rather than building it; in effect wasting your hard training sessions.

So anyway, the gym…I didn’t have time to workout yesterday as I was on set all day so today was all over weights and I’ll be hitting a dance class later tonight too, double down today!

Wow! Good effort, just make sure you fuel between them; lack of fuel could lead to injury. So get the food and water down to recover. Protein, carbs and fats.

I had so much energy at the beginning of my workout, warmed-up and did sprints on the treadmill. Felt like a beast haha – ran at 2 incline and sprinted at 9, pretty sure I can up it to 9.5 tomorrow but didn’t want to get ahead of myself today and risk tripping and knocking out a couple of teeth!

Well done Cat. great effort, and definitely the right mind: little by little. Don’t rush ahead, it’s a marathon not a sprint.

During my first set of weights I did 30 seconds of jumping jacks and running on the spot between each exercise to keep my heart rate up and (hopefully) burn some body fat. By my second set I was tiring and pulled my focus in back to the weight training. Abs felt good but my lower back felt uncomfortable during the reverse crunches so I switched to Russian twists with a 15b dumbbell for my last set.

This is called “Cardio Acceleration” and is something I sometimes add for people between sets. The problem is, you aren’t resting so it can be detrimental to the overall training. I would concentrate on the weights for now and rest in the rest periods. After 6 weeks if we want to, we can add something like this.

Ended my workout with a 1 min plank and stretching.

Good work.

Macros – almost spot on today but only at 1,500 calories – do I really need 1,700 a day? I want to be smaller and tighter! – Though after reading last week’s advice the ballpark range is good?!

The misnomer is that if you eat less Calories you’ll get smaller. The thing is, we want you to be “smaller” and “tighter”, so what you want is to remove a layer of fat so you look smaller and “tighter” as in can see muscle. If you under eat for your needs your body has to find energy from somewhere; guess what? It breaks down muscle. We don’t want that. We want you to hold on to muscle and breakdown fat. 1500kcals is better than 1200kcals, so well done, but don’t think of it as 1700kcal is too much. If anything, after six weeks we can lower the 1700kcal to encourage the body to burn excess fat, but by then we would’ve added a bit of muscle to help us use energy and thus help us burn bodyfat.

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All Over Weights


Feeling like a baller again: not hungover, not the day after my birthday and after a good breakfast. Stayed with 10b dumbbells for today but added more reps and the last set did till failure. For chest press I was lying on my back on the floor and didn’t let my upper arms touch the ground, there is a bench in the gym but it only stays in one position so thought I’d try this! No TRX or suspension system so would love some other exercise ideas!

Sounds good to me, you have to make do with what you have: the main thing is to keep time under tension and try to go to failure, this will spark changes and the food you are eating will allow those changes to occur. Keep it up.

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Enjoyed legs today! Tried leg curls on the machine – faced the weights and put my knee under the foam and curled that way – not sure I’m describing it in the best way but I got much more of a workout than the way I did it last week. Did on #3 and struggled to get to 12. I also did 30 secs of cardio between each set as I had loads of energy and enthusiasm after sprints on the treadmill. Finished with sit-ups and reverse crunches on the floor and no issue with my back. 2 minute plank and stretching to complete the day.

Sounds like you’re doing well. If you have the energy by all means do the cardio acceleration, just don’t take away from the actual training. Glad the back is good too, well done. Don’t forget you can always add a weight plate across your glutes/lower back for a weighted plank to make it tougher!

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Upper body


Arms absolutely kicked my butt today. I did chest press on the bench with 10lb dumbbells, lat pull down on number 5 today after last week’s advice – this was difficult, the last 3 of the set were a good fight! Triceps felt much better and I felt like I was actually using the right muscles and not just my shoulders then for bicep curls I did 3 sets of 15 at 10lbs. When I got back to my apartment I was starving but my arms were shaking…sign of a good workout, no?

Sign of a great workout. keep this intensity up and you’ll be seeing noticeable changes in no time. Very impressed with the commitment Cat.

Macros and general nutrition has been a hot mess over the weekend. Tried to up my protein and looked like a crazy lady at the grocery store only buying meat, great yogurt and beans but still it’s off…need more planning for meals as my schedule is always nuts. So in general still not enough protein even though I was making a conscious effort to have more.

The fact that you are making a conscious effort, but still below shows how low you were before! This means what you are doing will have a great impact on your figure, especially with the training you are doing. Just keep working at it. Greek yoghurt, eggs, cottage cheese, lean meats, protein powders, dairy can all be used.

Couple of questions…is it bad to have a lot of meat in your diet? My housemate yelled at me today because I ate meat with every meal, I should also let you know that he goes through diet phases – he did Atkins for a while and now he’s adopting an ‘organic whole foods plant based diet’ so he’s totally obnoxious to share a kitchen with!

It’s not bad at all. I am writing a nutrition book at the moment and that is one of the myths I am writing about. Yes, it’s good to mix it up: I try to have meat, eggs, cottage cheese, fish and protein powder through each day to mix it up; but you could equally have all chicken or all fish if that works for you. Too much of one thing can be bad, but changing the protein source will not make this an issue.

And secondly, is it OK for me to have protein shakes? They are great in a pinch and I have found one from Arbonne that I love that has 80 calories/ 1.75g fat/ 7.5g carbs/ 10g protein – again, got yelled at by a couple of friends saying you only need shakes if you’re trying to bulk – this seems like silly logic as you need protein and these shakes are delicious and give me loads of energy without bloating (only mix with water) – so you expert advice would be ace.

This is ridiculous! Protein shakes are not for bulking at all! I don’t bulk, Kate doesn’t bulk. It’s protein. No different from chicken or eggs. Yes, that’s great, use that after training, after dancing and when struggling for food ideas/time.