November 25, 2015In Cat's Fitness DiaryBy Cat Ferrier12 Minutes

Rest Day


Did a hike and stair run at Fryman Canyon, it’s about 3 miles and I finished with a run and sprint to the car. Really love doing this a few times a week, I feel good the rest of the day and feel like I’ve really worked.

If you live in LA and have the weather you may as well use it. Although Leading Lady is designed around a gym based training schedule, I’m 100% behind you getting outside for CV training when you can.

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All Over Weights


Today was a little different as I was on set all day and didn’t get home in time for the set workout BUT I was on the set of a show about MMA fighters and was in a brilliant gym all afternoon. To start we wrestled and spared with dummies and I got some great tips from the fighters then in a break from filming I did dead lifts and squats (3 x 12) using a barbell with 40lb total weight. YOWZERS did this burn my ass! So now I feel I can’t go back to 10lb dumbbells especially for legs and have decided to join a proper gym so I can really push myself and get stronger. I did pull-ups, could only do two with my fingers facing forward and about 5 with my fingers facing towards me but honestly the last one was crap. While here I did my lower abs pulling my knees up to my chest then added straps to my upper arms and put my hands behind my head – another tip from a fighter. Also used 5lbs weight in each hand to do bicep curls and shoulder presses while sitting (straight back, against a box) which I then felt in the top middle of my back – it felt good!

I’m really pleased you had to work at this gym: you’ve realised the intensity you will get from using weights more suited to your strength. Utilising weights of 40lbs and above for your legs will see some great results moving forward. Really pleased this has happened. Great timing.

Well done re:pull-ups (fingers away) and chin-ups (fingers towards you; those are great number! Good strength Cat. Let’s build on that and see how many you can do by the end of the programme.

A good training session by the sounds of it.

Macros for the last two days have been pretty good and much better than last week, still not getting 140g protein even though I feel like I’m stuffing my face all day long and making a conscious effort to pick better foods – any tips?!

It’s tough. Sometimes you have to resort to things like shakes; I know Kate has a shake or two a day to save her picking at rubbish and to ensure she hits her protein requirements to maximise training benefits, maybe try that. I always prefer whole foods though, so maybe try preparing some chicken strips or even taking a tin of tuna or mackerel (if you aren’t working with lots of people soon after eating!).

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Rest Day


Hike and run at Fryman. Sore arms and upper back from yesterday. Macros are good today and feeling good, had a huge breakfast which really set me up for the day and getting more protein.

Well done on the breakfast! I know this is often difficult for people when they’ve not been used to it. i bet the hike felt better for it. Good sign that you are achey, the DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) are little tears in the muscle, the extra protein will help these repair stronger and help with your bodyfat reduction as well as being able to do more pull-ups/chin-ups in the future.

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All Over Weights


Feel great! At the new gym so there is a lot more variety and weight options – hooray!  Sprint on the treadmill at 9 on a 2 inline then on to squats: 15lb dumbbells in each hand (3×15) over head press: 15lbs (3×12) though the last 3 of each set were tough, deadlift: 40lb barbell (3×15) OUCH by the 3rd set, stretched out right away, bent over row: 20lb barbell (3×15), felt my neck getting tense so stopped when that happened and reset. Sit ups all good and did some knee ups with my arms in straps to end the day.

Sounds like a great session. If you feel your neck tensing on the BOR, force your shoulders down and back and actively relax your jaw: people often grit their teeth and tense through their face/neck. Also, ensure your head is neutral: not looking up, not looking down but straight up from your spine.

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Rest Day


Back at the gym as I had loads of energy and repeated yesterday’s workout minus the sprints, just had a run for 15 mins on the treadmill instead. Macros good but went to a Halloween party and had a few cocktails and pizza WHAT?! Didn’t go crazy and had been balanced during the day so didn’t feel too bad Saturday.

At the end of the day, fitness and health has to fit in with your real life. A Halloween party at that time of year is important and something you should enjoy; going to the gym earlier in the day means your body is primed to use the excess carbs from pizza for repairing and refuelling muscles so not all bad. Good shout ti train and do the 15mins running I’d say. Great work Cat.

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Moved to Sunday as I’d had cocktails and following some advice from your earlier posts, had a fairly active day anyway as I was working and on my feet and moving around still! Leg day take 2: Squats 55lb barbell (3×15) last round HURT! Glute bridges with 25lb weight but this felt super awkward and uncomfortable – any suggestions for this one when adding a weight?

Wrap a hoodie around the bar to soften the contact against the legs, this may make it more desirable. Failing that, watch some videos on technique on YouTube. If you’re still stuck send me a video of you doing it and I’ll give some pointers. Well done on the squats by the way. Great numbers.

Deadlifts 45lb barbell (3×15), split lunges with 10b dumbbells in each hand oh boy the burn, only managed 3×12 on this one and the third set was horrible!

The sign of a good workout and that you are working hard! Well done Cat, really impressed. Keep it up.

Curls on the machine at #5 for two rounds but felt a real strain everywhere trying to push to 12 so for the last round moved down to #3 for 3×15. Had to wait for the leg extension as someone was on it for AGES checking her phone and not using it, but anyway, 3 rounds of #5 at 3×12 and doing this last in my workout KILLED, major thigh burn and shakes today. Had a good stretch out between sets and afterwards. Did abs, knee ups and Russian twists. Feel like a champ!

This sounds like a top session and like you are really into the swing of things. I think joining a gym was a great move. Keep it up.

Didn’t manage upper body this weekend as it was crazy so gonna throw that in Wednesday of week 4 instead of a day off.

These things happen. Again, fitness should fit around life not the other way around. Well done for making time for it in the week. Good plan.

End of week three I feel really good. Loving having structure and a workout to follow, I have loads of energy and I’m excited to workout at the gym. Diet wise I feel good, definitely paying more attention to the protein I eat and eating more is becoming less of a challenge, not skipping breakfast at all and my body looks better already. The tone and texture of the skin/ muscle (the little that I have ha) on my stomach looks much better and a friend told me I looked ‘tighter’ the other day – yey!

This is music to my ears. Really, really pleased. Above all, health and fitness is more important than aesthetics, but when it comes down to it, we all want to look good. The fact that you can see changes and friends have commented they can should be a real driving force. I’m really pleased, especially with the nutrition which is often peoples downfall. Getting that protein in and being aware of what you eat is paying dividends by the sound of it. Keep it up now Cat, don’t let anything break your routine.

Will take some snaps to keep comparing.